NBA 2K23 Best Dribble Moves

NBA 2K23 Best Dribble Moves
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Dribbling is an art form in basketball and is an essential skill to master in order to help you traverse to where you want and need to be in order to score. This not only applies in professional basketball but also in NBA 2K23, where key dribbling moves are often used to generate space or allow you to blow past opponents for easy buckets.

With NBA 2K23 out already for several months, players have had the opportunity to sink their teeth into the new animations that have come with the MyCAREER mode, including the various dribble moves they can add to their player’s arsenal.

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That said, knowing which ones are the best to equip can be tricky business. With a total of seven types of dribble moves and a whole lot of choices for each, we’ve decided to assist you with this matter by providing our best dribbling move animations for each type.

On that very note, let’s get right to it and check out which dribble moves are best to use in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23: Best Dribble Move Animations

NBA 2K23
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When it comes to selecting which animations fit you best in NBA 2K23, it’s going to come down to your personal preference and how you made your player. Unlike picking jump shot animations, where release height, release speed, timing, and defensive immunity are all graded by NBA 2K23, dribbling moves have none of that and only come with height and ball handle requirements that you need to meet in order to unlock or purchase them.

There’s a total of seven dribbling animation categories. Each set contains a vast variety of dribbling moves that players can equip. Whether you’re looking for a new dribbling move or are just starting to make your new MyCAREER player in NBA 2K23, we’re here to help you decide which ones are best.

For each type of dribbling move below, we list our top three dribble move animations and their requirements. On that note, here’s out best dribble move animations list for NBA 2K23:

Signature Size-Ups

1. Kyrie Irving (Requirements: Ball Handle 90+, Height Under 6’5″)

Getting the Kyrie signature size up animation is a great goal to strive for. We’re talking about someone who has one of the greatest set of dribbling moves the NBA has ever seen.

2. LaMelo Ball (Requirements: Ball Handle 85+, Height Under 6’10”)

What’s nice about Ball’s size-up move is that it’s not anything crazy or overly flashy. It’s smooth and fluid and provides a nice variety of size-up moves that can really throw off your defender.

3. Zach LaVine (Requirements: Ball Handle 75+, Height Under 6’10”)

If you want a size-up animation that’s fluid, simple, and compact, LaVine’s is one of the best to go for. With plenty of leeway regarding the height requirement, this dribbling animation is also easy to get.

Size-Up Escape Packages

1. Trae Young (Requirements: Ball Handle 92+, Height Under 6’10”)

In my opinion, the best size-up escape package in NBA 2K23 belongs to Trae Young. The sharp but ever precise movements and flow that come with his size-up escape set, gives you an edge on the court that you just won’t get from other guards.

2. Kobe Bryant (Requirement: Ball Handle 88)

If you want something that’s a bit slower yet still very effective, Kobe Bryant’s size-up escape package would fit your player nicely. What’s also great about this animation is that there’s no height requirement.

3. Luka Dončić (Requirement: Ball Handle 70+)

Though his size-up escape set is really nothing flashy or elusive, the variety of dribble moves Dončić does provide is still very effective and can be applied with various build types you might have. The fact that it only asks for 70+ ball handling and has no height requirements makes it easily accessible for anyone.

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Moving Crossovers

NBA 2K23
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1. Kyrie Irving (Requirements: Ball Handle 90+, Height Under 6’10”)

You want arguably the best and flashiest moving crossover in the game, this Irving animation would be golden for you. It’s a clean package, and though it comes with a 90+ ball handle requirement, it would be well worth it.

2. Chris Paul (Requirement: Ball Handle 80+)

Chris Paul has some mean handles, including his moving crossover. It’s sharp yet silky smooth and only demands you to reach 80+ ball handling.

3. Michael Jordan (Requirement: Ball Handle 75+)

This is actually the one I use for my player and it’s one of the smoothest packages in the game. It’s crisp and clean, and only requires you to reach level 75 ball handling.

Moving Behind The Backs

1. Damian Lillard (Requirements: Ball Handle 90+, Height Under 6’10”)

If you’re looking for that vintage yet super silky behind the back move, Lillard’s is the one you should aim for. Its fluidity is underrated and it allows you to cruise past defenders with ease.

2. Allen Iverson (Requirements: Ball Handle 80+, Height Under 6’10”)

What would this list be without an Allen Iverson animation on it. Arguably the greatest dribbler of all time, Iverson has one of the meanest moving behind the back sets that comes with plenty of finesse to it as well.

3. Zach LaVine (Requirements: Ball Handle 75+, Height Under 6’10”)

LaVine has a polished moving behind the back dribble animation set and one that is very efficient to get a feel for. I use this one for my player and have found plenty of success using it.

Moving Spins

1. Steve Nash (Requirements: Ball Handle 80+, Height Under 6’10”)

If you’re after a tight yet incredibly effective moving spin dribble, Steve Nash’s package is frankly one of the best to use. It’s sharpness and speed makes it a must-have for many builds.

2. LeBron James (Requirement: Ball Handle 80+)

To be frankly honest, LeBron James’ moving spin makes for a very close first place contender. His package comes with a great mix of fluidity and quickness, and not having any height requirements is huge.

3. Jimmy Butler (Requirement: Ball Handle 75+)

Butler’s moving spin isn’t particularly fancy. But its balance of speed and smoothness makes it one of the better moving spins to have in the game.

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Moving Hesitations

1. Kyrie Irving (Requirements: Ball Handle 90+, Height Under 6’10”)

Yes, he’s back on the list for a third time because yes, his dribbling moves are actually that good. This also includes his moving hesitation set, one that comes with sheer quickness and unreal fluidity.

2. Luka Dončić (Requirement: Ball Handle 75+)

Even though Dončić is a bigger and taller point guard, he still comes with one of the nastiest moving hesitations. The explosiveness of his hesitation move is subtle but highly effective, and can allow you to blow by defenders easily.

3. Pro (Requirements: Ball Handle 75+)

If you don’t want to use a former or current NBA player’s moving hesitation package, the Pro option is a great alternative to equip. It checks off all the key boxes you want out of a dribble move like this and doesn’t require much to unlock.

Moving Stepbacks

1. Stephen Curry (Requirements: Ball Handle 92+, Height Under 6’10”)

Though it is hard to unlock Curry’s moving stepback, it is easily the best in the game. It’s one of those animations that you can just watch over and over again. It’s so fast yet incredibly fluid, giving you just the right amount space you need without having to make a ginormous backward leap.

2. John Wall (Requirements: Ball Handle 80+, Height Under 6’10”)

This is the moving stepback I’m currently using for my player, and the quickness and sharpness it comes with, are what make it as good as it is.

3. Luka Dončić (Requirement: Ball Handle 80+)

There’s a lot of aspects of Dončić’s game that stand out. But his moving stepback is arguably his most popular move, and unsurprisingly, one of his most effective as well. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2024-04-15