NBA 2K23 MyTEAM: 16-Bit Pack Released

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NBA 2K23 Season 5 is underway and MyTEAM has been staying active with some exciting new player drops ever since its launch. Well today was no different for MyTEAM, as they released yet another new pack known as the 16-Bit Pack.

In case some of you are not familiar with this pack name, ’16-Bit’ is a measurement unit for memory data that’s designed for a computer hardware device that’s capable of transferring 16-Bits. Considering how many NBA players appear almost computer-like with how efficiently they execute their success on the court, NBA 2K23 felt it needed to highlight some of the best players in the NBA that formed reputations for being at times as automatic as a 16-Bit computer.

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With the 16-Bit Pack revealed last night, NBA 2K23 MyTEAM released the pack today at 11AM ET / 4PM GMT, producing a total of 12 new star-studded players with none of them falling below a 95 overall rating. This new pack also came with a three-part challenge, that if completed, will reward you a free 16-Bit Pack.

So on that very note, let’s jump right on in and see what this pixelated new 16-Bit Pack has to offer in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM.

NBA 2K23 MyTEAM: 16-Bit Pack Players

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Dark Matter (99 Overall)

  1. Kristaps Porzingis (C/PF) – Wizards
  2. LaMelo Ball (PG/SG) – Hornets

Galaxy Opal (98 Overall)

  1. Rudy Gay (SF/PF) – Kings
  2. Kyle Korver (SG/SF) – Hawks

Galaxy Opal (97 Overall)

  1. Michael Porter Jr. (SF/PF) – Nuggets
  2. Jonathan Isaac (PF/SF) – Magic

Pink Diamond (96 Overall)

  1. Tony Allen (SG/SF) – Grizzlies
  2. Gerald Green (SG/SF) – Celtics
  3. Mark Eaton (C) – Jazz

Pink Diamond (95 Overall)

  1. Robert Pack (PG/SG) – Nuggets
  2. Anfernee Simons (SG/PG) – Trail Blazers
  3. Dino Radja (C/PF) – Celtics

16-Bit Pack Three-Part Challenge

The NBA 2K23 MyTEAM 16-Bit Pack comes with a three-part challenge that offers fans a fun opportunity to earn some extra rewards. Should you complete all three parts of the challenge, you will earn a free 16-Bit Pack.

On that very note, here’s the three parts of the challenge you have to complete in order to earn your free 16-Bit Pack in MyTEAM:

16-Bit Challenge – Part 1

  1. Play Triple Threat game to 21 points against Pink Diamond 16-Bit theme team on semi-pro.
  2. Win the game.

16-Bit Challenge – Part 2

  1. Play Triple Threat game to 21 points against Galaxy Opal 16-Bit theme team on pro.
  2. Win the game and make 2 three-pointers with a player.

16-Bit Challenge – Part 3

  1. Play a four-quarter game (5 minutes each) against 16-Bit theme team on all-star.
  2. Record 15 assists as a team.

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