Best Shooting Badges In NBA 2K23

Best Shooting Badges In NBA 2K23
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NBA 2K23 has been out for months now and fans are still getting to grips with the newest basketball game the 2K franchise have released.

One aspect that has changed is shooting – we’ve got you covered on the best shooting badges in NBA 2K23.

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The following tiers will be used to classify which badges to priortise over others, it must be noted that your build will change depending on position and shooting priority!

Without further ado, the following tiers will be in this tier list:

  • S-tier: The best of the best, these badges are ones to consider when shooting that serves as a massive boost.
  • A-tier: These badges can be good, however they may fall off in situational basketball
  • B-tier: Situational badges, good for certain builds that compliment them well and you’re able to proc them.
  • C-tier: Poor badges, these don’t fit well with the majority of builds as they aren’t efficient and waste badge points!

NBA 2K23 Shooting Badges Tier List


  • Limitless Range – Easily, the best shooting badge in NBA 2K23. This procs when you are beyond the three point line and gives you an ample amount of range to separate you and the defender.
  • Catch & Shoot – This triggers when you shoot the ball as soon as you get it, it increases your green window so you’re able to hit down your shot in tight windows, a must have for shooters!
  • Deadeye – One for spot up shooters, this triggers when you have a player in front of you, usually closing out and gives you a boost to your shot meter to hit shots in front of defenders!
  • Corner Specialist – Another badge for spot up shooters, if you’re in the corner you get a shot boost which gives you a good chance of getting a green on your shot for an excellent release.
  • Claymore – A new badge for NBA 2K23, this triggers when you stand still for at least two seconds, before receiving an awesome boost to your shot! A great badge again for spot-ups.


  • Green Machine – This badge can be situational at times, however if you consistently hit your greens it could be an S-tier badge. This year’s 2K, shooting is heavily reliant on hitting your greens!
  • Blinders – Similar to Deadeye, shooting gets a bonus when defenders are closing out to the side of you, this allows you to shoot prior to defenders catching up.
  • Space Creator – An awesome badge for guards, this gives you the ability to hit shots after creating space from the defender, so it’s worth equipping for guards who like to size up.


  • Agent 3 – This badge is pretty… awkward. It’s listed as a tier three however is very situational, it only triggers when making pull ups or spin spots!
  • Amped – This is a great badge if you have low to medium stamina and want to keep up the high rate of shots throughout a game, it reduces the penalty of fatigue so you can make shots.
  • Volume Shooter – This is an awesome badge if you take a high amount of three pointers, however I wouldn’t invest more than silver in this badge as it caps out pretty quickly!


  • Middy Magician – Too niche! You’re wasting badge points to have a badge simply for mid-range shooting, you are better off upgrading the more meta-strong badges.
  • Clutch Shooter – Again, too niche. This badge only goes into effect during the fourth quarter. It is an okay badge if you have spare points to allocate however.
  • Comeback Kid – A nice addition to 2K23, however it falls off unfortunately, having a badge only dependant if you’re trailing is more redundant than not. Don’t waste points!
  • Slippery Off-Ball – This could be a good badge for park, however for ProAM and Rec, it requires a lot more teamwork to trigger.
  • Guard Up – This badge initially sounded great, however work from NBA2KLab have found that it only triggers if defenders don’t put up their hands on defense, which happens quite rarely.

However, this is only just a tier list on behalf of us! The only way you can get the most out of your build is if you experiment with the MyPlayer Builder or mix matching different badges that fit your taste!

Happy shooting! Don’t forget, shooters shoot!

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