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NBA 2K23 Locker Codes (May 2023)

nba 2k23 locker codes
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NBA has given their fans pure delight with their 2K23 rendition, with better graphics and gameplay that is more scintillating than ever. The game also has a MyTEAM mode that is all about card collection for those who want to build up their dream team. If you’re also in the works to collect the best possible NBA 2K23 cards, then you need to acquire the game’s Locker Codes.

What are NBA 2K23 Locker Codes

Locker Codes are redeemable codes that you can enter into the game to receive exciting free rewards. They are usually only active for a limited time and can provide players with free card packs that they can use to expand their collections. 

Usually, the rewards include Packs, Tokens, Players, and MT. These are collectible and cosmetic items that will allow you to really deck out your personal collections and show to your friends. Moreover, those who play MyCAREER mode may also be able to receive some handy little bonuses from these Locker Codes.

Active NBA 2K23 Locker Codes

As of this writing, there is one NBA 2K23 Locker Code. Down below we list the new code with its expiration date and reward:

1. THANK-YOU-MELO (Expiration Date: June 30)

  • Reward: All-Time Diamond Evolve Carmelo Anthony

Expired NBA 2K23 Locker Codes

Here are some of the codes for NBA 2K23 that have since expired. If you missed out then unfortunately you will not be able to receive these free rewards. However, you should stay tuned for more releases from NBA 2K23 and NBA 2K23 MyTEAM on Twitter:

ReleaseCodeRewardExpiration Data
5/19/23LEGO-2K-DRIVELego Go-Kart in MyCAREER5/25/23
5/9/23PLAYOFFS-LONNIE-WALKER-IV-EVOPink Diamond Playoffs Evolve Lonnie Walker IV Card5/16/23
4/27/23MyTEAM-SEASON-6-HERO-CARDPink Diamond or Galaxy Opal / Dark Matter Hero Pack4/30/23
4/21/23MOODY-EVOPlayoffs Evolve Moses Moody Card4/28/23
4/15/23MYTEAM-THE-PLAYOFFS-ARE-HEREPlayoffs Pack4/21/23
4/9/23HOPPY-MYTEAM-EASTERGalaxy Opal Giannis Antetokounmpo, Dennis Rodman or Alperen Şengün4/16/23
4/6/23JORDAN-TATUM1-ONLYUPJayson Tatum Pink Diamond Card4/15/23
3/23/23PHX-LAL-MARCH-2K23MyTEAM Pack and 2-Hour XP Coin for MyCAREER3/26/23
2/22/23MYTEAM-DIAMOND-DEVIN-BOOKER-4UDiamond Devin Booker Card2/26/23
2/18/23FINAL-GAMEDAY-DIAMOND-SHOESMyTEAM Diamond Shoe Pack2/19/23
2/17/23FINAL-GAMEDAY-ALL-STAR-PACKMyTEAM 2023 All-Star Pack2/20/23
2/14/23ALL-STAR-JORDAN-23-IN-MYTEAMDiamond Michael Jordan Card2/21/23
2/8/23MYTEAM-RUI-HACHIMURA-C7P55Diamond Rui Hachimura Card2/15/23
2/1/23MYTEAM-OUT-OF-ORBIT-KMART-EV6KDiamond Kevin Martin Card2/3/23
1/26/232K23-MyTEAM-HA-SEUNG-JIN-X8WNAmethyst Ha Seung-Jin Card1/30/23
1/20/23KOBE-81-POINTSAmethyst Kobe Bryant Card1/27/23
1/18/232K23-MyTEAM-LNY-JEREMY-LIN-17Amethyst Jeremy Lin Card1/25/23
1/17/23NBA-2K23-PARIS-SZN4France Prize Ball1/24/23
1/16/23MYTEAM-MLK-DAY-2K23One of the following Deluxe Packs: Transcendent, Fireworks, Dreamer, Zen, or Ice1/23/23
1/16/23HAPPY-MLKDAY-2K23-TGH3MyCAREER Apparel Items, MLK Name Plates, and 2XP Coin1/17/23
12/25/22HAPPY-HOLIDAYS-PD-FOR-YOUOne of the following 95 Overall Pink Diamond players: Klay Thompson, John Wall, Dwight Howard, Lonzo Ball, or Draymond Green.01/08/23
11/24/22HAPPY-THANKSGIVING-MyTEAMThanksgiving Pack with a non auctionable Amethyst card or higher11/30/22
11/23/22HAPPY-THANKSGIVING-3R9TThanksgiving Banners and 2 Hour Double XP in MyCAREER11/28/22
10/31/22HAPPY-HALLOWEEN-IN-MyTEAMTrick or Treat Exchange Card11/07/22
10/16/22250K-UNSTOPPABLE-PACK-DZ86PUnstoppable Pack10/17/22
10/16/22250K-UNSTOPPABLE-PACK-DZ86PUnstoppable Pack10/17/22

How to find NBA 2K23 Locker Codes

If you want to organically keep up to date with these codes then we suggest following the official MyTeam mode Twitter from 2K games. They regularly give updates for the latest Locker Codes, usually when they hit a major new milestone. 

Other than this, since NBA 2K23 is such a massive title with a large audience many players have set up systems to monitor these Locker Codes. One such system can be found at lockercodes.io which keeps updating the latest active codes daily.

How to redeem NBA 2K23 Locker Codes

In order to redeem a locker code on MyTEAM, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Open up NBA 2K23 game
  2. Go into “MyTEAM” menu
  3. Then click onto “Locker Codes”
  4. Enter the code correctly

Final Thoughts

Players who are passionate about creating card collections in NBA 2K23 will be delighted to hear about Locker Codes. While there may not be many locker code drops on a weekly basis, 2K is bound to release more as the game goes on and hits more milestones. We’ll also be on the lookout for the latest Locker Codes so make sure to check back here for new updates.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some of the Out Of Position 2 Pack players in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM, we detail all you need to know here. Should you be searching for some guidance on the best defensive badges in NBA 2K23, we got you covered here.

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