Finally, Sledgehammer Games confirms huge multiplayer change in MW3

Finally, Sledgehammer Games confirms huge multiplayer change in MW3
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Have you ever wanted to stick with the same group of players after playing through a match in MW3? Well, according to Sledgehammer Games, you’ll soon be able to, as the CoD developer is planning on testing out non-disbanding lobbies in a future update. However, it’s currently unclear when it will be released as the team behind the latest series entry has only recently teased its addition on Reddit.

Ahead of the MW3 Season 1 start date, Sledgehammer Games held an impromptu AMA session on the official Modern Warfare 3 subreddit, and, predictably, thousands of players took this opportunity to ask the developer pressing questions on the game’s current state. Naturally, this included inquiries and suggestions on ongoing issues and features the community would like to see in the future, including the bugged Gaia skin and, of course, non-disbanding lobbies.

In response to a heavily capitalized question from a fan, Sledgehammer Games had this to say about the upcoming MW3 feature: “In a future game update, we’ll be testing non-disbanding lobbies with a cohort of players to determine the performance of such a change. If these tests go well, we’ll explore a rollout to all players.” Based on this statement from the MW3 developer, it may not be a while until players officially experience it.

In addition to the potential introduction of non-disbanding lobbies to MW3, Sledgehammer Games has also teased the inclusion of features like Streak Looping, SBMM adjustments, and more, so there’s plenty to look forward to for both hardcore and casual players. While you wait for these changes to make their way into the game, though, take a look at our guides on the best Renetti loadout in MW3, how to get Longbow in MW3, and how to unlock Spinel Husk Camo in MW3 to pass the time.