MW3 beta reward ‘Tester’ skin is a car crash with fans

MW3 beta reward ‘Tester’ skin is a car crash with fans
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It looks like the Modern Warfare 3 community aren’t best pleased with the Operator Skin being offered up to players to reward them for their time in the beta.

Ahead of the MW3 beta start time, many players have derided the look of this year’s offering that’s supposed to encourage folks to get into the beta. Quite aptly, this year’s skin – for the operator Jabber and called Tester – basically makes your character look like a Crash Test Dummy. The problem is, the skin is a very bright red, which is likely to make anyone who wears it a very obvious target to shoot at should they take this skin into Warzone or similar modes.

Over on the Modern Warfare 3 subreddit, fans have applauded the idea, but not so much the execution. “Makes complete sense to be a dummy for the beta test. But fxxx is it ugly.” says coma987. While many do recognise how the skin is clearly themed red given MW3’s use of red in its logo, the tactical drawbacks are pretty apparent. “I would never wear that just because of how much easier you’d be to spot. It screams “Shoot me please.” says Mr_Rafi. There’s also a fair few voices with random-stud’s sentiment: “And I thought the MWII one looked awful. The neon green was the stupidest color they could have picked as the whole “theme color” of the game. But what I hated more was the red accents they decided to add to almost every skin for some reason. This is just awful.”

While there are a few voices who like the novelty of the skin, it seems – for the moment at least – the vast majority aren’t huge fans. Some operator skins have been a bone of contention for the community of late, with the more outlandish additions such as The Boys, Lara Croft and even Nicki Minaji making their way to the roster. There’ll still be plenty of debate as the MW3 beta rolls on.

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