MW2 and Warzone patch notes today remove crucial Field Upgrade from battle royale

MW2 and Warzone patch notes today remove crucial Field Upgrade from battle royale
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Infinity Ward and Raven Software have released another round of MW2 and Warzone patch notes following the launch of Season 6. Though most of the changes introduced mainly revolve around various bug fixes, one important inclusion involves the removal of one specific Field Upgrade that battle royale players have often favored: Redeploy Flares.

Following the MW2 and Warzone Season 6 release date, the developers have now booted Redeploy Flares from the battle royale for the time being because of the “general lack of competitive counter strategies” that teams could employ towards it during the end game. Since these valuable flares enable you to bring back a random squad member at any point, most ranked squads would end up hoarding it during the early portion of a match only to end up abusing it towards the latter part.

Naturally, this prompted plenty of complaints from players as teams that could collect Redploy Flares for each member essentially had a 6v3 advantage during stand-offs. This rang especially true during endgame scenarios where staying alive is of the utmost importance. Unsurprisingly, this Field Upgrade’s removal has already been greeted with plenty of positive reactions on various social media sites.

As mentioned previously, though, this isn’t the only change included with this patch, as there are plenty of other bug fixes that you may be interested in as well. If you want to know what they are, keep reading to find out.

MW2 and Warzone patch notes today



  • Fixed an issue where the Player can be kicked back to the main menu when attempting to access the “Manage Files” section in the Settings menu
  • Fixed an issue where a significant hitch could occur when transitioning to some menus from COD HQ
  • Fixed an issue where the Battle Pass After Action Report wouldn’t play correctly if the Player had Auto Redeem turned on 
  • Fixed an issue where the ISO 9 Mastery Completeionist Charm displayed an incorrect Charm
  • Fixed an issue where the Player could be kicked back to the main menu when viewing Tracer Pack: Witchcraft
  • Fixed an issue where the Dual Kamas model is missing in the preview for the Red Haunt Blueprint
  • Fixed an issue where locked camos could be added to weapons before they were earned 
  • Fixed an issue where the TR-76 Geist Mastery Completionist Charm would incorrectly show the FR Avancer instead



  • Fixed an issue where the mission ‘Thinning the Herd’ could not be completed as intended due to Konni Group no longer spawning on Al Mazrah in DMZ
  • Fixed an issue where some melee weapons could clip through the Operator’s wrist when transitioning into a DMZ match
  • Fixed an issue where Skin Indicator tiles for several Operators could display inconsistently 


  • Field Upgrades
    • Redeploy Flares have been removed.
      • Team Insight: Redeploy Flares often created situations with a general lack of competitive counter strategies, especially in the final moments of a Ranked Play Battle Royale match.

You can also read the entirety of the patch notes through Activision’s official page. If you want to learn more about the upcoming CoD installment, though, check out our pages on MW3 maps, MW3 weapons, and the MW3 beta start time.