MW2 (2022) Split Screen – Can you play co-op in Modern Warfare 2?

MW2 (2022) Split Screen – Can you play co-op in Modern Warfare 2?
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MW2 Split Screen is an enjoyable feature on the game to allow friends and family play the game simultaneously – however can you play co-op in Modern Warfare 2?

Let’s break it down below and have a closer look if this is possible.

Can you play co-op in Modern Warfare 2?

There has been no information from Infinity Ward whether Modern Warfare 2 will have split screen.

However from it’s predecessor Modern Warfare, it’s likely that multiplayer and Special Ops will feature split screen.

However it’s a high chance that this will be a console only feature, this is based off what was included in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

MW2 Split Screen PC – Can you play MW2 co-op on PC?

Unfortunately – you cannot! The split screen option is only on console and there doesn’t seem to be a fix for this on PC at the moment.

If Infinity Ward do decide to bring split screen to the PC port, check back on this guide with latest news around a possible introduction to split screen on PC.

How to play Modern Warfare 2 split screen on console

Split screen should be hitting consoles!

If you’re the lucky people who have MW2 on console, it’s expected that the split screen option will be present at launch.

It’s super easy to set up too, follow these steps across both platforms (PlayStation and Xbox) to get it setup on your end too:

  • Get your friend on a second controller plugged into the main console.
  • Sign into their PlayStation or Xbox Account
  • If not account is presentable, you can also use a guest login that should do the trick.
  • Once logged in, select preferred game modes and begin searching for lobbies.

On note to the last step, being able to access lobbies – the second player must be connected to an active Xbox or PlayStation subscription.

If logged in through guest, you’re limited to playing in modes such as private match or Firing Range.

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MW2 Split Screen FAQ

Will MW2 have split-screen?

Though not confirmed yet, it’s expected that MW2 will have split-screen from Vanguard the previous year.

Will MW2 have co-op?

No, currently the game does not have a co-op feature through the campaign, however for multiplayer it’s expected that the feature does return.