MW2 Season 2 New Modes – Infected, Gun Game, and More

MW2 Season 2 New Modes – Infected, Gun Game, and More
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The follow-up season to the slightly disappointing opening chapter of MW2 is finally here and the developers have seemingly worked hard to bring more content in an effort to please the frustrated player base.

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With all new maps and weapons now available with the second season of MW2, a few game modes have also been included as part of the latest update. Now that the game’s sophomore season has arrived, you’ll be able to jump into most of the latest modes on offer.

Read on to find out more about the new set of match type offerings.

All New Modes in MW2 Season 2

There are a total of six modes that have been added to MW2’s current match selections, with half of them already playable at launch. A new Hardcore playlist has also replaced the current Tier 1 playlist so there’s plenty of content that players can start getting into.

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With that said, here are all of the new modes you can play in MW2 Season 2:

Infected (Launch)

Infected has long been a staple of the CoD franchise since it was first introduced in 2011’s Modern Warfare 3. The enjoyable mode, which features zombie-like beings against regular Operators, has always been a fan-favorite and its inclusion here has predictably pleased many players.

Gun Game (Launch)

Another popular game mode that was also previously featured in Modern Warfare 2019, Gun Game’s return to MW2 has similarly excited the player base due to its enjoyable and unique gameplay. Players can now join in on the fun as Season 2 has finally launched.

Grind (Launch)

Grind is a variation of the Kill Confirmed mode that tasks players with collecting dog tags and depositing them at a specified location. Previously featured in Modern Warfare 3, veteran CoD players should largely be familiar with this mode due to its history.

Drop Zone (In-Season)

Another mode that was similarly introduced in Modern Warfare 3, Drop Zone is a variation of Hard Point as it tasks players with holding a specified location in order to gain points. The areas to be held are usually marked by a Care Package Marker smoke, hence the name.

All or Nothing (In-Season)

All or Nothing is free-for-all party game mode that drops users into a match with only Throwing Knives and an ammo-less pistol. However, each Operator will apparently be given the Scavenger perk, allowing them to collect ammo after the first elimination. The first player that can earn 20 eliminations will be the winner of the match.

One in the Chamber (In-Season)

As you may have gathered from its name, players that participate in this mode will only be given a pistol with one bullet. Each kill will grant an additional bullet but it’s important to keep in mind that every person will only have three respawns throughout the match.

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