MW2 Lead Designer Explains How Confusing Ranked Play Skill Rating System Works

MW2 Lead Designer Explains How Confusing Ranked Play Skill Rating System Works
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The introduction of MW2 Ranked Play has brought a much needed breath of fresh air to the embattled 2022 CoD installment. However, its Skill Rating system remains a mystery to most players as nobody can seem to figure out how exactly it works.

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Luckily, Lawrence Metten, MW2 and Treyarch’s lead game designer, has now stepped in to give the community a short break down of the Skill Rating system’s inner workings. Here’s all that he had to say about the Ranked Play Skill Rating system.

How does the MW2 Ranked Play Skill Rating system work?

According to a post from Metten, “your displayed Skill Rating (SR) represents your Ranked Play skill and determines your Skill Division.” Those without a ranked match to their name will begin at zero SR in Bronze I. Wins and losses determine whether or not you gain or lose SR, while personal and team performance decides how much is given or taken away.

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Based on Metten’s statement’s, however, there is a more important factor that drives players SR gains called Hidden Performance Range (HPR). He goes on to mention that “HPR is how good the underlying performance systems think you are and how it predicts you’ll stack up against other players.” If you beat users with a high HPR score, yours drastically goes up. Otherwise, it decreases heavily if you “fall short of expectations.”

HPR and SR are apparently also linked, which means that the farther your SR is to your HPR, the more you gain after each win. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a gauge that displays what exactly your HPR score is in the game. With this in mind, you may just have to judge it through the amount of SR you gain or lose after each match.

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Towards the end of the thread, Metten then notes that lower Divisions place more of an emphasis on personal performance. This means that as long as you frag out and remain consistently at the top of the scoreboard, there’s a good chance you can quickly move out of lower ranks.

On the other hand, the game encourages players to focus on team play in higher Divisions as this it what affects SR at this tier. Once you’ve reached this high level, the amount that you earn will usually taper off so it will require more of a grind.

Now that you know how it works, you’ll finally be able to understand why some players gain more than others. It simply represents their current in-game ability and how far apart they are in terms of their performances.

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