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MW2 DMZ Mode – Warzone 2 Extraction Mode Now Live

DMZ Call of Duty beta
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) has been off to a hot start and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Adding to their ever-increasing momentum and hype of their latest game, is that of Warzone 2.0, but also, the all-new DMZ mode experience.

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Infinity Ward showcased the new mode during an event in which they also revealed more details about Warzone 2. DMZ was launched as part of Warzone 2.0’s initial release.

MW2 DMZ Mode Release Date

DMZ officially launched alongside Warzone 2 on November 16th. The game mode, however, is currently still in its beta stage, so additional features may eventually be added. Nonetheless, players may now try out CoD’s latest extraction match type as it is now available to play.

MW2: What Is DMZ?

Warzone 2.0 MW2
Curtesy of Call of Duty

DMZ is an extraction game mode that is similar to Special Ops but has its own distinguishing differences, which we’ll go into here. DMZ is a narrative-focused game mode targeting trios, but can also be played solo or duo if you disable squad fill, though this is not recommended due to difficulty.


The Warzone 2 mode involves keeping a Stash – or Inventory – of weapons and other valuable items from the Exclusion Zone. You start with a small inventory of free Contraband Weapons. These can only be used in the DMZ. If you kill an enemy and take their gun, you can it them and it’ll be labeled contraband.

The good news is that each weapon you acquire from the DMZ will reward you with the base weapon available in the gunsmith mode. There will also be a number of DMZ rewards.

You’re able to fill up your stash with items from your backpack that can be taken outside the Exclusion zone by visiting one of a number of Dead Drop locations. These items can be put in your loadout or be used to give you access to special locations. Be warned, if you all die, every item in your backpack and loadout are gone.

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As well as completing Faction Missions, you can also explore the Exclusion Zone to collect more items for your inventory. You can also take on optional assignments in the form of Contracts. These objectives could then see you take down a high-value target or rescue a hostage.

There will not be a circle collapse in DMZ but as per Infinity Ward, “players will need to monitor radiation as well as the occasional sandstorm”.  

MW2: DMZ Map

Curtesy of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

The DMZ mode map is none other than the Warzone 2.0 map itself. Throughout the map, there will be AI strongholds. And in order to ransack each stronghold of their loot, players will need to defeat them.

Moreover, Infinity Ward has mentioned that they’ll allow you to choose special missions and different objectives across the new map. From engaging combat to fun operations to complete, DMZ has the potential to be a big hit alongside Warzone 2.0.

There are a number of rewards up for grabs, including plenty of Double XP tokens as well as a special weapon blueprint, the M13B Assault Rifle.


What is DMZ MW2?

DMZ is an extraction game mode that is similar to Special Ops but has its own distinguishing differences. Players will need to battle against a variety of NPCs stationed in certain strongholds across the map while taking on actual opponents as well.

Is MW2 DMZ free?

As it’s another mode for Warzone 2.0, yes DMZ doesn’t cost you anything to play.

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