MW2 Multiplayer likened to a neglected third child as community notices lack of attention

MW2 Multiplayer likened to a neglected third child as community notices lack of attention
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The arrival of the new year marked a noticeable change in Infinity Ward’s efforts to bring new content and provide updates regarding their MW2 development process. This change in attitude has predictably pleased a portion of the player base, however, not everyone is fully convinced due to the developer’s notorious track record.

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A glaring lack of content has been the reoccurring theme for MW2 as the CoD community has begun to notice that Infinity Ward is seemingly paying less attention to some of its other modes. Although the developers have been bringing more improvements to its other offerings such as Warzone 2 and DMZ, the classic match types found in MP have apparently been left by the wayside.

As has been the norm, players have started taking to Reddit in order to bring more attention to the issue. In a recent post on the popular Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, a user reminisces about the old days of MP when there were always at least “four new maps” to play. They would go on to mention that they would “always grind out the new DLC playlist they’d have along with it” because it was that much more enjoyable.

A majority of the players commenting under the same thread agree with the post creator’s sentiment, with one user stating that they thought this CoD installment was going to be amazing in its first week. However, the lack of content since then has seemingly forced them to abandon it completely. The vague development roadmap for the future also doesn’t bring much hope for those still trying to remain positive despite all of the game’s issues.

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Unfortunately, the constant pleas of the player base seem to be falling on deaf ears as the developers are yet to officially address these allegations from their disillusioned community. Hopefully, they do so soon since this seems to be forcing players to leave MW2 entirely.