MW2 Players Are Frustrated At No Preview Option For Takedowns

MW2 Players Are Frustrated At No Preview Option For Takedowns
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The MW2 community is once again becoming increasingly frustrated due to a significant exclusion within the popular FPS title. This time around, players are questioning why the game doesn’t have a preview option for Takedowns that allows them to see what it would look like in a match.

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For those that are unfamiliar, Takedowns are essentially flashy finishing moves that can only be executed if an enemy has their back turned. But with each match being as fast-paced as it is, executing it successfully is often easier said than done.

Due to the fact that there are multiple Takedown offerings in the game, players often have a hard time choosing which one to use. MW2’s lack of a preview option makes it even more difficult since this forces players to have to try each one out in a lobby every single time.

The mounting disappointment at this lack of a basic feature has forced MW2 players to take to Reddit in an effort to bring attention to the issue. One user in particular has even created a post asking other players when they think the basic mechanic is going to be included in the game.

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Naturally, the community decided to poke fun at the developers, with one commenter saying that “it’ll be an exciting ‘new’ feature for year two.” Other users seem to share the same sentiment as one responder also sarcastically noted the following: “If only we had the technology that Cold War had 2.5 years ago.”

It remains to be seen whether or not Infinity Ward or Raven Software plan on introducing this mechanic to the game at some point. However, it’s safe to say that the player base isn’t happy at all with the state of the game as they continue to find issues with each passing day.