Moss Book II
Ben Borthwick by on Jul 9, 2021

Moss: Book II is confirmed and coming to PlayStation VR

Developer Polyarc has announced a sequel to its critically acclaimed PSVR adventure, with Moss: Book II heading for a PlayStation 4 release via PSVR.

Revealed during last night’s State of Play broadcast, the game will see heroic mouse Quill return. Picking up the story right where we left off in the 2018 original, Quill is being hunted in the castle where she saved her Uncle by a winged tyrant who desperately wants to take back the power of the Glass. You’ll once more be both guiding Quill directly, but also acting as your own character, a sort-of disembodied spirit able to interact with the world and help Quill to progress.

We’re promised dangerous terrain, challenging puzzles and enemies old and new to defeat. As per principal engineer and design director Joshua Stiksma: “In Moss, players not only guided Quill throughout gameplay, but they also reached into the world as their own character—their every action had an impact. Players return to this role in Book II and it’s our hope that they are once again reminded of the joy of physical interaction and the power of emotional feedback they can experience within VR. And it’s that immersion that makes the journey feel all the more real and the stakes even higher.”

You can check out the trailer for yourself below. Moss: Book II doesn’t currently have a release date yet, although it has been confirmed it’ll launch on the original PSVR on PlayStation 4 as an exclusive first. Whether it’ll also make its way to the next-generation PSVR headset for PlayStation 5 at a later time, we’ll have to wait and see.


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Moss: Book II

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Moss: Book II

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