Monster Hunter Rise
Ben Borthwick by on Jan 7, 2022

Monster Hunter Rise showcases new features in its PC launch trailer

Capcom has dropped a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise to mark the game’s arrival on PC next week.

As you can probably guess, this trailer is mainly focused on the game’s PC exclusive features players will get to enjoy over the original Switch release last year. They include a set of screen filters, letting you see the action in Black and White, Sepia, Japanese Style, Warring Lands Style and Cinema Style. PC players will also get to enjoy the game in 4K resolution, with high-res textures, an uncapped framerate and more.

Of course, it helps that the game itself is an excellent slice of Monster Hunter action in the first place. Josh rated it very highly in his review, with particular praise for the new Wirebug mechanic. “Personally, my favourite application of the Wirebug isn’t traversal; it’s entangling your enemy with chords of sticky silk, and mounting them like very angry horses. Your hunter tugs at the strings like a puppeteer, lashing the poor thing into battle. Thus, coaxing one behemoth into the angry path of another, in the hope that they slug it out—just as Kong clobbered his Jurassic rivals—becomes a thrill.”

The PC version includes all the additional content released so far for the Switch too, which is lovely. And that should keep you busy until the expansion Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak arrives this Summer. Check out the trailer for yourself down below. Monster Hunter Rise arrives on PC on January 12.


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Monster Hunter Rise

on Nintendo Switch, PC

Release Date:

26 March 2021