Light 'Em Up is a brand new Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops mission due to hit Xbox 360 Elite members in August. The mission sees a pair of SAS soldiers fighting through an Eastern European stronghold in an attempt to rescue a soldier taken hostage, with one player searching for intel on his location on the ground, while the other provides overwatch from the skies, using the Little Bird's searchlight to blind enemies.

It's a time-based mission, meaning you'll need plenty of strategy if you want to succeed on the higher difficulty levels or climb the leaderboards. And who better to ask for tips than the developer himself? Here, Sledgehammer Games' VP Michael Condrey provides tips on how to succeed in Light 'Em Up.

Developer tips from Michael Condrey, Vice-President and COO, Sledgehammer Games:


"It's really about the spotlight in the beginning. The helicopter experience is a tonne of fun, but the boots on the ground SAS guy is going to get overwhelmed by a large number of forces if you can't find a way to keep him protected.

"The best way to do that is sit low and behind him, using that spotlight to stun. Now, there's an achievement based around the guy on the ground knifing five enemies while they're blinded by the spotlight and without killing them via any other means. The spotlight is your friend. Use your knife and your spotlight together to get those achievement points.

"Also, at the end [of the mission], the hostage exfil is going to be really hot. Getting to the landing zone is going to be a big challenge and you're going to be presented with tonnes of tough enemies. There's one moment where you breach the stronghold, you've got the hostage and you're coming out, and they smoke bomb the place. You've now got a bigger force coming at you and you can't see them. Key there, use the Thermal Vision Mode on the NVGs."

For more details on Light 'Em Up direct from Michael Condrey, head here. Or click the following link for some developer tips on the new Special Delivery Spec Ops mission.