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MW2 attachments not unlocking – Here’s how to fix attachments not unlocking

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 fans are experiencing a bug that prevents weapon attachments unlocking.

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Some gamers complained that the Vault Edition rewards did not appear in game, while others on PC experienced a ‘reset rank‘ error. Most recently, there have been issues with the Showcase screen not showing the right operator, and guns disappearing from view in the lobbies.

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How to fix attachments not unlocking in MW2

Chances are, you are not navigating the Gunsmith properly in order to see which attachments you have unlocked in MW2.

Here are quick easy steps to fix attachments not unlocking in MW2

  • Head over to the gunsmith for your desired weapon.
  • Ensure you are at the right level on your guns, some attachments are locked due to this
  • Make sure you have the right receiver, some receivers will remove attachments due to compatibility.
  • There are universal attachments and platform-specific attachments, make sure you know which attachments are applicable between both so there’s no confusion!