Modern Warfare 2 anti-cheat update finally punishes players for false reports

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Modern Warfare 2 developers Infinity Ward and Raven Software are continuing their steady stream of useful feature introductions as their latest anti-cheat update finally punishes players for falsely reporting other users. The report system abuse in MW2 has been well-documented since its launch so most community members are naturally pleased that the developers are finally doing something about one of the game’s most prevalent issues.

According to a blog post created by Team Ricochet on the official Modern Warfare 2 website, “knowingly submitting false reports or spam reporting legitimate players may lead to account penalties, up to and including warnings or permanent account suspensions.” As a result, those that get victimized by this type of abuse will no longer receive voice and text restrictions as the anti-cheat team has temporarily disabled the automatic application of these limitations in order to adjust their systems.

Community reactions to these changes have largely been positive so far as numerous innocent players had already fallen victim to this type of report system abuse in the past. One person commenting under a specific Reddit post said they’ve already “gotten tons of false reports” for their username even though it wasn’t offensive in any way. “Just shows [how] much this community [abuses] the report features of the game,” they continued.

Some fans, however, are still quite cynical as one responder said “sorry, but you’re dreaming if you believe a word of this. [Team Ricochet] have no way whatsoever of knowing if a report was malicious or not.” Now, even though the idea of every report system abuser getting punished does seem farfetched, the fact that the developers are trying to address the problem should still put players at ease. But, in the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see if the anti-cheat changes that have been made actually work.

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