Microsoft’s Call of Duty licensing deals expected to satisfy EU skepticism on Activision

Microsoft’s Call of Duty licensing deals expected to satisfy EU skepticism on Activision
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The Call of Duty licensing deals that Microsoft has offered to its competitors is likely going to satisfy EU concerns over the tech giant’s Activision deal. According to a report from Reuters, those close to the situation have all but confirmed its approval, thereby presenting a huge step forward for one of the biggest acquisitions in video game history.

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First announced in January 2022, a decision on the Activision deal was initially supposed to be announced much earlier than the current timeline. Unfortunately, concerns from Microsoft’s rivals in the video game industry prompted regulatory bodies to shed more light on the matter.

Sony in particular has often objected heavily to the acquisition, citing the deal to be an anticompetitive risk due to the fact that it would more than likely make Call of Duty an Xbox exclusive title. Microsoft, however, has frequently refuted the claims, stating that they won’t be taking away the ever-popular FPS franchise from other platforms.

The renowned tech company seems to be staying true to their word as they already have decade long deals in place with Nintendo and NVIDIA to bring all Xbox titles to their respective platforms. Once the Activision agreement is approved, this would also make the Call of Duty series of games available on other systems as well.

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Based on another report, a US FTC judge has now apparently “ruled that Sony has to provide documents to Microsoft revealing exclusivity contracts from Jan 2019 onwards,” as part of the investigation into the ongoing acquisition of Activision.

All things considered, a ruling in favor of Microsoft is looking increasingly likely and it may now only be a matter of time until the deal is approved.