Konami has announced a new cooperative mode for its Hideo Kojima-less spin-off Metal Gear Survive. Known as Rescue Mission, the new mode will roll out for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One title next month, and gives players something else to sink their teeth into while exploring the game's open-world. 

Rescue Mission does pretty much what it says on the tin. You'll be fighting alongside your fellow squad mates in an attempt to rescue soldiers trapped deep in enemy territory, a task which Konami says will require a 'whole new level of cooperation' in comparison to the existing Salvage Missions.

Prior to this, the developer will make available a Daily Mission from the current crop of co-op offerings, which will cough up some rare rewards and special modifiers. One example is known as HellFire, which sets enemies ablaze. 

Metal Gear Survive recently attracted a whole new heap of controversy when it emerged the game charges you for an additional character slot. Watch Colm and Alice have a crack at the game in a recent live stream to see what they thought of it. 

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