Metal Gear Survive has had a whiff of controversy about it from day one. After all, it's the first game in the series to be churned out by Konami following Hideo Kojima's departure, and features zombies. Still, at least it doesn't ask you to pay for a new character slot, right? Uh, right??

Sadly, you'd be wrong. Indeed, while it was already known that the spin-off would feature microtransactions, it's only just emerged that Metal Gear Survive actually requires you to fork out your hard-earned cash just to grab an extra slot to play with. 

You see, Survive utilises a currency known as SV Coins for in-game boosters, and since you need 1000 of them for a new character slot, you're looking at just under eight quid for the 1150 pack.

It appears this is the currently only way to unlock a new slot, so if you don't want to pay for it you're pretty much out of luck unless Konami has a change of heart somewhere down the line. 

Oh, and in case you forget, Metal Gear Survive absolutely does not allow you to use it to get a date or campaign for an election. 

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