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Where to watch Meta Connect 22?

Where to watch Meta Connect 22
Amaar Chowdhury Updated on by

If you’re interested in Meta’s potential upcoming VR headset launches, you’ll want to find out where to watch their annual Meta Connect 22 event.

The event can be streamed live today – 11th October – and will hopefully be the first reveal of new Meta VR headsets, formerly known as Oculus.

The event will hopefully include a product reveal, though developers and aficionados interested in VR might want to tune in for their development and creativity presentations.

We might even see developments regarding the upcoming Metaverse which Meta’s VR headsets – the Meta Quest 2 and potential Meta Quest 3 – are laying the foundations for.

How to watch Meta Connect 22?

The event will be streamed on Reality Lab’s Facebook page.

You can find information regarding the programme from Meta’s website, and you can even watch it with your VR headset.

You can livestream the event at home or in the comfort of virtual reality, and Zuckerberg’s keynote speech is the first thing on the livestream’s schedule.


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When is Meta Connect 22?

Meta Connect begins on 11th October at 1PM EST / 10AM PDT / 6PM BST with Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote speech.

Though we are hopefully being told when Facebook’s new VR headsets will be launched, we can’t expect any immediate product launches.

What is Meta Connect 22?

Meta Connect is Facebook’s annual announcement reveal, and a Mark Zuckerberg Facebook press release has suggested that the event will detail a new VR headset and information on the Metaverse.

The press release details that after the keynote speech, ‘developers, creators, and leaders at Meta’ will be talking on the ‘VR dev ecosystem, [their] progress building toward the metaverse, and Project Cambria, [their] new high-end VR headset with mixed reality.’

We hope that today’s event will illuminate us on future updates on augmented reality.

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Is Project Cambria the Meta Quest Pro?

We can’t confirm this for certain just yet, but we can hope that it is. As we mentioned in our Meta Quest 3 release date piece: a report from The Information has underscored Facebook’s release roadmap for their virtual reality headsets.

If this information is reliable, we can anticipate that the Project Cambria headset is on track to be released soon, and so Zuckerberg’s keynote speech will hopefully illuminate dates regarding the Project Cambria’s reveal.

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