*UPDATED* RTX 4090 release date & 4090 release time

*UPDATED* RTX 4090 release date & 4090 release time
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17/10/2022: It’s been five days, and the RTX 4090 is still out of stock.
Click here to see our stock tracker for the RTX 4090.

13/10/2022: It’s almost a day since the RTX 4090 launched and it’s been so popular it’s now essentially fully out of stock!

12/10/2022 1:50 BST: Wherever you are in the world, the RTX 4090 is live in 10 minutes at 2PM BST!

12/10/2022: You can buy the RTX 4090 today. Check below to find all retailer links for the US, UK, Canada, and Europe.

The RTX 4090 release date is now well and truly in sight, with Nvidia’s planned launch set for the 12th of October, 2022. 

Unlike the recent Ryzen 7000 and upcoming Intel 13th gen launches, the RTX 4090 won’t sting you with any required additions, it even runs on the same power as the 3090 Ti.

This is the new flagship GPU in town and if previous launches are anything to go by, it will be a monster for gaming, and well, everything else too.

The RTX 4000 series, code-named Lovelace will be taking advantage of advancements such as PCIe 5.0 and the most recent CPU developments.

What’s most interesting is the fact that the RTX 30 series is progressively getting lower and lower in price, which may drop even further by the time we reach Black Friday.

This gives system-builders, gamers, graphics designers, you name it, a huge chance to upgrade in Q4 this year, whether it’s with the latest flagship, the previous, or any other SKU.

RTX 30 series GPU deals:

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RTX 4090 released

The RTX 4090 has now been released, and within in minutes consumers saw stock levels deplete entirely.

Popular retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Scan, Overclockers, and more saw stocks empty within mere moments, and as expected, worldwide it’s now nearly impossible to get your hands on a new RTX 4090.

If you’re interested in finding out when they’ll be back in stock – have a look at our UK RTX 4090 stock checker.

RTX 4090 release date confirmed

Nvidia’s confirmed the RTX 4090 release date for the 12th of October this year but it is just the flagship we are seeing on this day.

The staggered launch is no surprise and something we have seen before, with the RTX 4080 planned to arrive in November, and the RTX 4070 still unknown.

Demand will potentially outstretch supply but that is nothing new to would-be buyers. If this is the case, you may have to pre order the RTX 4090 and wait patiently.

Alternatively, for those that are in no rush to upgrade, the smart move is to wait for the new year when all three SKUs are released and extensively benchmarked.

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Where to buy Nvidia RTX 4090 GPUs US

The RTX 4090 is the first of Nvidia’s RTX series to launch, and we anticipate the 4090’s younger siblings to launch later in November, however we haven’t had exact dates confirmed yet.

The RTX 4090’s will cost you $1,599, packed with 16,384 CUDA cores, 24GB GDDR6X memory, memory speed of 12Gbps, and a TDP of 450W. Not only that, but it’s bigger than an Xbox Series S. If you’re looking to grab the 4090, make sure you have enough space in your rig.


Best Buy


Where to buy Nvidia RTX 4090 GPUs UK

  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 — Amazon





Where to buy RTX 4090 in Canada

Where to buy RTX 4090 in Europe

  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 – Amazon

What retailers will sell the RTX 4090 GPU on release day?

Most launches end up on Amazon across many regions and we expect to see the RTX 4090 on there for at least a brief window.

Other retailers such as Best Buy will also stock the graphics cards, for those looking to shop in the US and Canada specifically.

For those in the UK and Europe, Amazon, Ebuyer, Scan, Overclockers, and many more should be selling Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics cards.

RTX 4090 release price in the US & UK

Nvidia RTX 4090 price is $1,599 USD / £1,679.00 GBP making the latest flagship more expensive than the previous at launch.

While this price may seem hard to swallow, listings of aftermarket 4090s have the GPU much closer to $2000 / £2000 depending on the model.

These prices have since been removed but we will not be surprised by eye-watering price tags come to the release date.

RTX 4090 release time soon

We now know the RTX 4090 will release at 2 PM BST/ 3 PM CEST/ 6:30 PM IST/ 9 AM EDT/ 8 AM CDT/ 6 AM PDT.

We are expecting a smoother launch than previous years, however we can’t promise that if you try and grab a new 4090 on release that you’ll be met with bountiful stock. While we think there will be more stock than previous launches – we also know how competitive the market will be. So, good luck if you’re trying to grab one this year.

Will the release of the RTX 4090 prevent people from waiting for RDNA 3?

There is little known about AMD’s next generation of graphics cards really, not even the name, however, RDNA 3 is coming.

When it comes to performance, AMD struggles to beat Nvidia at almost every price point, so the ball is going to be firmly on the green side of the court.

With the RTX 4090s pricing making it somewhat of an enthusiast-level card, the masses will be patiently waiting for the other SKUs and if AMD can come to the table offering the value they are known for with similar performance, we have a fight on our hands.

Until the launch and subsequent benchmarks, it’s a guessing game but the anticipation builds for the RTX 4090 and its literal game-changing power.

Will there be RTX 4090 stock on release?

Following on from the Great GPU Drought of the Early Twenties, many gamers and tech enthusiasts will be slightly hesitant to get involved in the buying process of Nvidia’s RTX 4090 graphics card. Engaging in battle with bots and scalpers to get hold of an RTX 4090 at the original list price is a time-consuming and painful process, however we think that won’t be as much of a problem this year.

With the semi-conductor shortage becoming less of a problem, we can hopefully see a more steady stock of RTX cards on their launch this year, so buying Nvidia’s new flagship GPU might actually be possible this year.

If you’re dead-set on Nvidia’s new GPU this year, you might be in luck because we predict a much easier time than the previous launch of the RTX 30-series set. That being said, we still think you’ll have to act quick to get involved in the newest generation of Lovelace architecture gaming.

If you’re not looking to grab a 4090 on launch, some outlets are already starting to compare the 4090 with the 3090 so you can best decide what GPU suits you.

When do third-party RTX 4090s release?

Third-party RTX 4090s are scheduled to release at the same time as Nvidia’s flagship GPU – which is 12th October.

We can’t say for certain how soon they’ll be available to purchase once Nvidia unlock their sales, but we can anticipate that different tech retailers will approach the market with different strategies.

Targeting third-party and aftermarket GPUs on launch can be a risky procedure, as the prices points of those GPUs are often arrived at with little thought for the consumer.

You can find out more about how much the RTX 4090 and aftermarket GPUs cost here.

RTX 4090 FAQs

When is the RTX 4090 coming out?

The RTX 4090 release date is set for the 12th of October.

What retailers will sell the RTX 4090 GPU on release?

Major retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy will stock the RTX 4090.

What time will the RTX 4090 be released?

No official release time just yet, however, we predict the RTX 4090 will launch around 2 PM BST.