Mario Golf: Super Rush
Ben Borthwick by on May 17, 2021

Mario Golf: Super Rush offers up a slice of new gameplay footage in latest trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer for upcoming golf game Mario Golf: Super Rush giving us our best look yet at the various game modes on offer for when Mario and friends take to the fairways next month.

There’ll be sixteen playable characters this time around, including some brand new faces to the Mario Golf sub-series such as Super Mario Odyssey‘s Pauline. Each character will have their own unique Special Dash and Special Shot moves you’ll be able to use in this entry’s signature Speed Golf mode (revealed back in February) to allow you to get an advantage on your opponents, such as a shot that explodes and causes other characters to stumble.

We also get a good look at the new Battle Golf mode, a special variant of the Speed Golf mode with 9 holes in play at the same time. The first player to score three holes in these special golfing arenas will claim victory. We also get a brief look at the game’s Golf Adventure mode, where you’ll take your Mii from golf rookie to pro by taking on various challenges and missions across the Mushroom Kingdom.

Motion controls, local and online multiplayer are all included too, of course and much more besides which you can see in the trailer for yourself below. Mario Golf: Super Rush is scheduled to launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on June 25.


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Mario Golf: Super Rush

on Nintendo Switch

Release Date:

25 June 2021