by on Jun 27, 2019

Map changes abound in Apex Legends leaked trailers

A couple of trailers for Apex Legends' upcoming second season of content entitled Battle Charge have seemingly leaked early and appear to confirm that the Kings Canyon map will be going through a few changes.

The leak occured on the game's official Community news feed on the Xbox version of the game, and were swiftly hidden but not before Reddit users managed to snag footage of them. The two trailers introduce new character Wattson and talk about how an EMP blast has seen new forts built, the destruction of other structures and the introduction of the Flyers and Dragons that were revealed during the EA Play event during E3.

The official release of these videos was originally set to be later today, and the Season Two: Battle Charge content itself is set to release July 2. The season will introduce new character Wattson and promises new daily and weekly challenges and more content than Season One. Don't expect an Apex Legends 2 any time soon though.  



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31 December 2019