Manor Lords lack of roadmap explained in outlined post-launch plans

Manor Lords lack of roadmap explained in outlined post-launch plans
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Manor Lords has become one of the most anticipated games coming out this year. Fans absolutely loved the demo and it has become wishlisted by millions of gamers on Steam. Fortunately, it releases in early access format in just over a week, and the developer has explained the lack of a Manor Lords roadmap while still outlining plans for post-launch.

The early access release date for Manor Lords is April 26th. It’s been wishlisted by over two million gamers, and it looks absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, the popular demo from Steam Next Fest is no longer available to download, but fans can still check out exciting gameplay previews and videos online to get a full taste of what to expect.

It looks absolutely incredible for fans of city builders, but it has the potential to reach beyond that audience thanks to the inclusion of other gameplay genres. It seems magnificent and, while there isn’t a roadmap, the developer has stated their intentions for post-launch.

Manor Lords roadmap explained

There is no roadmap for Manor Lords, but developer Slavic Magic has briefly outlined their plans once the game is out and in the hands of the community. Per their Steam announcement, the first month following the game’s release will be patches consisting of just bug fixes and polish.

During this first month, the developer will be collecting feedback and then ‘prioritizing work based on what we hear’. Essentially, the developers will implement new features and fixes based on what they hear the most from fans in an effort to further develop the game based on the philosophy of ‘listen, verify, implement’. You will be able to provide feedback here.

There is the possibility that a roadmap will be released in the future as Slavic Magic has said they are not releasing one ‘yet’. As for why they are not coming forth with a roadmap ahead of launch right now, it’s because the developer has ‘made a mistake once or twice before, of promising and working on a feature only to find out that the testers didn’t care as much as I did and that they actually wanted something else’.

Lastly, the developer is wondering whether to embed an open pre-release beta branch so that players can test and contribute to future updates. Slavic Magic is not yet entirely sure whether to keeping testing of future patches closed or open, and their decision will be based on feedback from fans.

Manor Lords post-launch plans

In addition to the above explanation about the lack of roadmap and how ideas will gouged and implemented, Slavic Magic has uploaded a Manor Lords FAQ to Reddit. This FAQ outlines plans for 2024 and beyond.

The game is launching on April 26th for PC only and will be part of PC Game Pass from day one. It’s not launching on Xbox consoles, but there are plans to bring it to Series X/S in the future.

As for mods, there is no official mod support from day one, but it is ‘under consideration for post-launch, potentially after the full 1.0 release’. Lastly, the FAQ says there are no plans to upgrade from Unreal Engine 4 to 5, and there are also no plans right now to implement any multiplayer or co-operative modes.

In regard to how long early access will last, the game’s Steam page says ‘We might remain in Early Access for around a year, but that might change depending on how the design develops with player feedback’.

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