Madden 24 users report not seeing Franchise Mode when logging in

Madden 24 users report not seeing Franchise Mode when logging in
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While Franchise Mode is not as popular as Madden 24’s Ultimate Team, tons of players still play it. To take control of their team and perhaps fix or undo mistakes the real-life team has done is a great joy for many players. Unfortunately, several of them have taken to social media to report that franchise mode isn’t just experiencing issues – it’s gone from the menu entirely.

Several Madden 24 players see Franchise Mode go missing

Several users posted on the Madden subreddit that they couldn’t find Franchise Mode on Madden 24 this morning. There wasn’t a glitch with the mode as no one could even access it. This was a recurring issue with several players taking to social media to report the issues.

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The comments of those posts held several upset users who were experiencing the same issues. When most players logged in this morning, they only had access to Ultimate Team, Quick Play, Training Camp, and Superstar mode. The beloved Franchise was nowhere to be seen for the vast majority of the Madden community.

Fortunately, these players didn’t take that lying down. They began to troubleshoot on their own and several ended up getting access to the game. Most comments mentioned that they restarted the game several times to see it come back. Keeping the game offline when it restarted was a key way to fix the issue as well.

Fortunately, the save files were uncorrupted as well. Whatever the issue was/is, it doesn’t seem to have completely ruined Franchise Mode for these players. Unfortunately, there’s not as strong of a troubleshooting method if you’re trying to play an online, connected franchise.

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Several members of the community were frustrated, believing that EA Sports would never allow this to happen to Ultimate Team. u/LuciMorningstarOF said, “Yeah, I woke up and was like WTF??? I guess they just made the game 100% irrelevant to the average player now.” Fortunately, that isn’t the case as Franchise Mode has returned with a few savvy techniques.

So if you’re experiencing this issue and want to fix it, try restarting your game and keeping Madden offline by disconnecting from the servers. If that doesn’t work, keep trying or wait until EA Sports has something concrete.

Be sure to check for an update. Our game had a small update before we could even log in, although that did not remove the issue. Our franchise mode was missing as well. That’s all for that, but be sure to check out our guide to Zero ChillMix-Up Mondays, and Team of the Week!