Madden 24 Mix-Up Mondays – Our guide to new out of position MUT cards

Madden 24 Mix-Up Mondays – Our guide to new out of position MUT cards
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Every now and then, Madden 24 will release cards for Ultimate Team that don’t have the correct position. They recently added an MCS reward that was a Mike Evans card. Instead of his normal position of wide receiver, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star was given a free safety card. This is a unique way of switching things up and giving players the chance to do something unique with their lineup. Now, MUT has a Mix-Up Mondays set that has several players out of position.

Madden 24 Mix-Up Mondays cards

Madden 24 has confirmed that this is the full set for Mix-Up Mondays. The set has all cards now and there will be no more added. They are all out of position:

PlayerTeamOriginal PositionNew PositionOVR
Josh AllenBillsQBLOLB93
Stephon GilmoreCowboysCBWR93
Isaiah PachecoChiefsHBSS93
Stephon GilmoreCowboysCBWR88
Josh AllenBillsQBLOLB88
Derrick HenryTitansHBQB94
Keenan AllenChargersWRFS93
David BakhtiariPackersRTRE93
Montez SweatBearsREWR94
Vita VeaBuccaneersDTTE93
Tank DellTexansWRCB93

It’s currently unclear how many sets Madden is planning, but it’s likely to be a pretty long-running program. Out of position cards are always popular. Based on their trending prices on the Auction House, a lot of people want them. The Pacheco card is currently going for 1.2 million coins. The cheapest of the 93 OVR cards is going for 749,000 coins (Allen).

Zach’s Tips

If only for the coins, this is a set you’re going to want to grind out. The cards in this set are unbelievably valuable, so pulling or earning one means you’re likely set for a long time. If you happen to pull the Isaiah Pacheco card, you could earn over one million coins. That is more than enough to really set up your MUT team for success.

Secondly, the MUT X page specifically called it “Mix-Up Mondays”, which implies there are going to be multiple days of mixed-up cards. Time will tell, so check back here next Monday to find out whether or not more goofy out of position players are coming to MUT.

Madden 24 Mix-Up Mondays Release Date

Mix-Up Mondays cards were initially released at 1:30 pm EST/6:30 pm BST on Monday, December 4. It is expected that if this set continues, it will follow the same schedule. Cards were revealed prior to that time and then they went live in-game at the time.

That’s all for Madden 24’s newest set, but be sure to check out the latest Team of the Week set, the Harvest Program, and Team Diamonds!

Madden 24 Mix-Up Mondays FAQs

What is Madden 24 Mix-Up Mondays?

Mix-Up Mondays is a Madden 24 Ultimate Team set that puts players out of position. 

Will there be multiple sets of Madden 24 Mix-Up Mondays?

Yes. Madden 24 has officially released the second set of Mix-Up Mondays, and there are more to come.