Madden 23: Season 4 Live Now

Madden 23: Season 4 Live Now
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Over the last couple of months, football fans had the opportunity to enjoy the end of the 2022 NFL season through an engaging Season 3 experience on Madden 23 Ultimate Team (MUT). But with the 2022 NFL campaign now well over, Madden 23 is moving onto its next chapter in Ultimate Team, introducing its all-new Season 4 adventure.

If fans thought Season 3 was laden with amazing rewards, they will feel no differently about Season 4, which comes with a stacked new Field Pass and variety of star players. Though you might think Madden 23 would rein it in with their new season, seeing the NFL offseason is underway, Season 4 showcased a completely different reality, highlighting just how much Madden 23 has left to release in Ultimate Team, particularly with NFL Free Agency and the NFL Draft still looming up ahead.

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The Season 4 reveal transpired yesterday, March 8, on the Madden 23 special stream that took place at 7PM ET on Twitch. Madden 23 covered a whole lot of important details throughout the reveal, giving fans plenty to digest.

But with Season 4 going live in-game today, March 9, what can we expect from this new release in MUT? Not to worry! We cover all you need to know about Madden 23 Ultimate Team’s Season 4 adventure down below.

Madden 23: Season 4 Field Pass

Madden 23 Season 4
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The Season 4 Field Pass in Madden 23 is a sight to behold. Loaded with several awesome rewards, the Season 4 Field Pass comes with 81 Levels for fans to complete, comprising of several increments of MUT Coin, plenty of Elite and Pro Gameday Packs, some clutch Strategy Items, and a Season 5 XP collectible.

Along with these Season 4 items and prizes, comes a variety of elite new players, a couple of which you will be able to evolve into better overall versions of their original cards.

In order to do so, however, you will need to collect and apply the Upgrade Collectible items you can unlock at different levels in the Season 4 Field Pass. Once you collect all of the corresponding upgrade tokens, you will be able to upgrade these players into their better overall versions.

So on that very note, let’s hop right into the next section where we cover all the new players that arrived with the Season 4 Field Pass in Madden 23.

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Madden 23: Season 4 Players

Madden 23
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Season 4 comes with a total of eight new players you can unlock. Down below is the full list of Season 4 Field Pass players:

1. Calvin Johnson (WR) – 91 Overall – Login

The very first player item you will receive upon logging into MUT, is that of a 91 overall Calvin Johnson card. Though it’s an Account Bound (BND) card, Johnson is one of the Season 4 players you can evolve.

Similarly to the Rob Gronkowski card in Season 3, Johnson will have four upgrade collectible tokens for his 91 Season 4 card. Should you collect and apply all four of Johnson’s upgrade collectible items from the Field Pass, you can evolve him into a 99 overall.

Despite there being 81 Levels in this Season 4 Field Pass, Madden 23 put Johnson’s tokens within reach so it isn’t too much of a grind to evolve him into his 99 overall version. Johnson’s first upgrade token is available at Level 2, his second token at Level 19, his third at Level 44, and his fourth and final at Level 50.

2. Mike Singletary (MLB) – 93 Overall – Level 8

You will be able to acquire Chicago Bears Linebacker Mike Singletary at Level 8 of the Season 4 Field Pass. He is the second new player you can upgrade to a 97 overall by applying the two Mike Singletary upgrade collectible items you receive at Levels 25 and 47 of the Season 4 Field Pass.

3. Christian Darrisaw (LT) – 94 Overall – Level 13

Fans can unlock Minnesota Vikings tackle Christian Darrisaw at Level 13 of the Season 4 Field Pass. Darrisaw has Team Chemistries with the Vikings and cannot be upgraded higher than his 94 overall rating.

4. Jevon Holland (FS) – 95 Overall – Level 31

Miami Dolphins safety Jevon Holland is the Level 31 reward of the Season 4 Field Pass. Similarly to the Darrisaw card, Holland is not an upgradable item and only comes with the Dolphins team chemistry.

5. Khalil Mack (ROLB) – 96 Overall – Level 40

Los Angeles Chargers linebacker Khalil Mack is the player reward you can unlock at Level 40 of the Season 4 Field Pass. He is not an upgradable card and comes with Bears, Raiders and Chargers team chemistries.

6. Jamaal Williams (HB) – 97 Overall – Level 56

The Detroit Lions running back is a great reward you can acquire at Level 56 of the Season 4 Field Pass. Williams has team chems with the Packers and Lions and is not an upgradable item.

7. Trevor Lawrence (QB) – 99 Overall – Level 60

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence is the second of three 99 overall player rewards you can acquire in the Season 4 Field Pass (including Calvin Johnson). Lawrence can be unlocked at Level 60 and has team chems with just the Jaguars.

8. Trevon Diggs (CB) – 99 Overall – Level 71

Dallas Cowboys star cornerback Trevon Diggs is the final player reward of the Season 4 Field Pass, baring a 99 overall rating. Diggs can be unlocked at Level 71 and has team chems with just the Cowboys. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2024-04-17