Last Epoch Roadmap – what’s coming after 1.0 release

Last Epoch Roadmap – what’s coming after 1.0 release
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Last Epoch is giving fans of the Action RPG franchise a new hit to enjoy. There’s plenty of amazing loot to gather and impressive enemies to beat as you journey through time to save Eterra. With such a vast gameplay experience to enjoy, it’s no wonder that fans are already looking forward to the future of the game. If you’re looking for a Last Epoch roadmap, you’re not alone.

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Even though 1.0 was just released for Last Epoch, gamers are already looking forward to what’s coming next for the game. Let’s find out what the future holds for the ARPG from Eleventh Hour Games in the Last Epoch roadmap.

Last Epoch unofficial roadmap beyond 1.0

While there’s no official roadmap for the future of Last Epoch yet, the developers have discussed what features they’re considering adding to the game. Here are some of them discussed by Judd Cobler during an interview with Maxroll at Gamescom, in no particular order:

  • Aspirational Content/Pinnacle Bosses
  • Monolith of Fate Expansions
  • Full Controller Support
  • Update to Set Items
  • More Dungeons
  • Lost Memories
  • Chapters 10-12
  • New Item Types
  • Additional Factions
  • Achievement System
  • Updated Character Sheet
  • Skill Progression Improvements
  • Additional Masteries and Classes

Plenty of the updates are going to focus on the endgame of Last Epoch, as that’s where most players will be spending their time. Along with the expansions to the Monolith of Fate and dungeons, Eleventh Hour Games is also planning on implementing more events and random encounters in endgame areas, to keep the experience fresh.

What updates are coming in Last Epoch?

Future updates to the game will continue to keep the core experience of the game satisfying, as well. Updating classes and skills, as well as optimizing the game both online and offline for performance will continue to be a part of the future, just as it was before the 1.0 release.

There is no official roadmap yet, however, Eleventh Hour Games does plan to bring this back so players can know what to expect with the future of Last Epoch. This was confirmed by Cobler in a Reddit comment stating that roadmaps and forecasts would be making a return after the release of 1.0.

More updates are planned for the future, but fans will have to wait for an exact roadmap to be released for Last Epoch to know exactly when these updates and improvements will be made.

We’ll continue to keep you on top of all the Last Epoch news, so you can stay updated on everything to come for the ARPG. Be sure to check the system requirements for Last Epoch and how to level up fast so you can jump into the new adventure in Eterra, available now for Windows and Linux.