Is Last Epoch down? Server status and how to maintenance check online

Is Last Epoch down? Server status and how to maintenance check online
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Finally, Last Epoch is set to leave early access. The game has been in early access since 2019, but today we are finally getting the full release. Whether you are a completely new player or someone returning simply wanting to play again, here you will discover if Last Epoch is down, along with how to check the server status to see if the game is undergoing maintenance.

The release date for the Last Epoch is February 21st. Again, it’s been available on Steam, but that was early access only. Unfortunately, the game is not coming to consoles with the 1.0 release, but the developer has shared plans to bring it to PlayStation and Xbox in the future. For right now though, they simply want to focus on making the PC version as polished as possible.

If you are playing for the very first time, then you are in for a treat as the game is an incredible RPG experience. Below you’ll discover if the game’s servers are down, and, if you come across any issues, you’ll also find how to check the server status.

Is Last Epoch down?

The Last Epoch servers are back up online after the update to 1.0. The Last Epoch servers were down until 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET/ 5 PM GMT on February 21st. Developer Eleventh Hour Games confirmed on the LastEpoch Twitter account that the game is undergoing downtime until 11 AM CST on February 21st which translates to these hours.

Luckily, now that the maintenance is over, Last Epoch is up and running for all to play.

Over on Steam, the developer also confirmed that you are not able to play offline until maintenance is complete:

‘While the servers are down, authentication will not be possible. If you are already playing in offline mode before we take down the servers, you should be able to continue your play session, however offline will not be able to authenticate to log in once the servers are down.’

If you are disappointed about not being able to play offline, the good news is that the 1.0 release introduces a true offline mode. So, in the future, when servers are down, you should be able to play the game offline without a problem.

How to check Last Epoch server status

The easiest way to check the server status for the Last Epoch is by following the game’s official Twitter account. If there is any planned maintenance, developer Eleventh Hour Games will let fans know on Twitter. You can also join the game’s official LastEpoch Discord channel for communication from the developers as well as fans.

Another reliable source is the Last Epoch forums. Here the developers share news and announcements, along with patch notes for new updates. You will also be notified of any planned maintenance that will take the servers down and put them offline.

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