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Konami squashes Silent Hill speculations, stating recent rumours are “not true”

Konami confirmed that the recent rumours of a Silent Hill reboot and new Silent Hill game are “not true.” (via Rely on Horror).

In January, Rely on Horror reported that Konami was working on a new Silent Hill game, and this was corroborated with rumours of a soft reboot of the series, along with a new episodic-style entry. The last Silent Hill game was Book of Memories, which was a dungeon-crawler with RPG features rather than the standard spooky sojourn. Then, there was Silent Hills with its playable teaser, P.T., though this demo faltered at the first hurdle after a falling out between Hideo Kojima and Konami.

A new Silent Hill game, and one that would refresh the original and introduce new players to its terrifying triumphs, sounded good. Another game that riffed off of mechanics seen in Telltale games and Until Dawn sounded even better. Nevertheless, this isn’t happening, said the Konami US PR representative to Rely on Horror.

“We’re aware of all the rumors and reports but can confirm that they are not true. I know it’s not the answer your fans may want to hear,” the communication continued. “It’s not to say we are completely closing the door on the franchise, just not in the way it is being reported.”

A little vague, don’t you think? Earlier this year, the art director of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 revealed that he is working on a new game as a “core member.” Masahiro Ito cheekily commented that he hopes this project isn’t cancelled, and this could be interpreted as a reference to the ill-fated Silent Hills. We don’t know for sure, but we do know that Konami would keep fan feedback in mind if it was making a new Silent Hill game.


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