Konami has its nose to the grindstone creating two new Silent Hill games with one modelling itself on Supermassive’s Until Dawn, alleges a new report (via VGC). 

Silent Hill: Book of Memories was released for the PlayStation Vita in 2012. A spin-off with a character creator and role-playing elements, Book of Memories was a dungeon-crawler instead of a claustrophobic exploration game with a tightly focussed story. As a result, not a lot of people resonated with Book of Memories, and it’s an unlucky note for the celebrated Silent Hill series to close upon. Yet, an anonymous source speaking to Rely on Horror has claimed that publisher Konami is working on a new entry to the psychological survival horror series.

Konami has been notoriously reticent on the status of Silent Hill. A report such as this must therefore be taken with a circle of salt. However, this information is corroborated by an established industry insider who has been on the money in the past regarding Resident Evil leaks

We’re unable to say whether any of this is true until Konami acknowledges its veracity—at the time of writing, there has been nothing of the like. However, it is interesting and a new Silent Hill title would be welcomed by devotees and newcomers with open arms. The last Silent Hill “game” was P.T., and though it was binned after an unfortunate dispute between developer and publisher, new discoveries are made in P.T. even in 2020. We’ll keep you in the loop once we know more.  

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