In P.T., there’s something rather revolting in the bathroom sink of one of the most iconic houses in the horror genre, and modder Lance McDonald has found out what happens behind closed doors (via Eurogamer).

McDonald has been unravelling the terrifying tapestry of P.T. with hacks and mods, showing us the Silent Hills streets and the identity of the man walking the halls of the house. His latest deep dive discovers what’s going on when the player gets locked in the bathroom.

So, the player gets the torch, sees something seriously scary in the sink, the bathroom door slams shut, and locks the player inside the room. Footsteps echo in the hallway, and the door handle turns like someone’s trying to get inside. 

Someone is trying to get inside. Exiting to the hallway through camera hacks, you see Lisa stalking past the bathroom. She stops at the door, and though there is no animation for her grabbing the handle, she’s probably thinking it really hard in her head. 

“So it turns out Lisa is doing quite a few things in P.T. even when we're not able to see her, not really cut content or anything like that, just surprising amounts of detail and work that went into the teaser for Silent Hills that never actually got to be seen by players,” explained McDonald. 

Apparently, there are two new Silent Hill games being made by Konami, and one would be a soft reboot of the series, and the other would be an episodic game like Until Dawn. Though the developer has not acknowledged the rumours, it said that it is “listening to customer feedback and considering ways to provide the next title.” Curious. We’ll keep you in the loop, once we know more.

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