Kirby and the Forgotten Land
by on Sep 24, 2021

Kirby and the Forgotten Land revealed, coming to Nintendo Switch in Spring 2022

Nintendo has announced Kirby’s return in a new adventure with Kirby and the Forgotten Land coming this Spring for the Nintendo Switch.

The news came as part of last night’s Nintendo Direct. Amazingly, the title will mark the series first fully 3D entry, as opposed to the traditional 2.5D side-scrollers of Kirby games past. The first footage in the trailer shows our hero washing up on the beach of the titular Forgotten Land. It appears to be a mysterious place with long abandoned shopping malls and remnants of a past civilisation. Of course, it’s down to Kirby to investigate the island and find out more.

Kirby’s abilities like inhaling enemies to throw them as projectiles are all present and correct along with his power to copy the abilities of his foes. Some of these we get to see in the trailer include spiky helmets from eating a porcupine. And of course, there’s a very obvious nod to Link from The Legend of Zelda when Kirby dons a sword and hat. Adorable!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land doesn’t have a specific release date yet, but it has a window of Spring 2022 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, we’ll hear more soon but until then, check out the trailer below.


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Kirby and the Forgotten Land

on Nintendo Switch
Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Release Date:

Spring 2022