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Is Monster Hunter Rise as grindy as Monster Hunter World?

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The availability of Monster Hunter Rise on all platforms now has players asking a variety of questions regarding the famed RPG title. As a whole, the Monster Hunter franchise has always been notorious for being grind-intensive titles that require you to go through repetitive missions for a specific resource.

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Now that more people are looking to get into the game, some are asking if MH Rise is as grindy as MH World. Here’s all that you need to know about its gameplay and how it compares to its predecessor.

Is the grind in Monster Hunter Rise similar to Monster Hunter World?

No, MH Rise is less grind-intensive than MH World since drops are more abundant compared to the latter. You’ll also need to gather less materials in order to craft certain equipment, which also lessens the repetitive nature that was present in previous titles.

This is especially true if you decide to breeze through only the main story. Completing the primary Village Quests, which usually takes 20+ hours, will still allow you to enjoy the game fully without having to slog through numerous hunts for a specific resource.


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Once you’ve finished the main story, you can then transition to completing the Hub Quests for a more fulfilling MH Rise experience. Since the monsters found within these multiplayer quests are more difficult than in the base game, it may take up to 50+ hours to finish all of them.

Much like previous Monster Hunter titles, however, you can always choose to make your playthrough more grindy if you really want a particular piece of equipment. In order to avoid burning out, we recommend changing weapons every now and then to make each hunt as unique as possible.

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