Is Modern Warfare 2 on Game Pass?

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Modern Warfare 2 is now available worldwide, with many players logging on to get their fix of the latest Call of Duty title.

However, since Xbox announced it was purchasing publisher Activision earlier this year, many players are understandably wondering if Modern Warfare 2 is on Game Pass.

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We’ve got the answers as they currently stand for you right here.

Is Modern Warfare 2 on Game Pass?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is not yet – and there’s currently no ETA for when it will.

Xbox claimed earlier this month that the series’ current marketing deal with PlayStation has so far prevented the series from appearing on Xbox Game Pass.

That deal is certainly in place for Modern Warfare 2, as evidenced by the platform exclusive Oni skin for the game. However, it’s not the only stumbling block.

Earlier this year, Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed that Xbox do indeed intend to bring the Call of Duty series to the subscription service, once their purchase of Activision is completed.

However, the process has not been a smooth one, with Call of Duty actually proving something of a sticking point in the deal.

The sheer success of Call of Duty has meant that a few competition regulators are now investigating the deal to ensure that Microsoft doesn’t breach any monopoly guidelines.

Microsoft claim that they intend to keep Call of Duty a multi-platform series even after the game becomes an Xbox property. PlayStation has questioned this statement, arguing Xbox will only honour it for a few years.

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Depending on how this goes then will very much determine whether or not we see Modern Warfare 2 on Game Pass. There’s even a possibility that Microsoft might be forced to keep the games off the service in order for the deal to be approved.

The Xbox and Activision deal isn’t expected to close until June 2023 – and that’s if everything goes smoothly.

Right now, it’s a waiting game, we’re afraid. If you’re really wanting to play Modern Warfare 2 in the first six months, you’ll likely be safe to buy it.

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MW2 Game Pass FAQs

Is MW2 free to play?

While MW2 is not on game pass, this does not mean the game is free to play. Unfortunately, the game is not and is only available to buy only.

Is MW2 going to be on Game Pass?

Unfortunately, MW2 is not on game pass. However following Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Activision, we could see it in the future.

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