*LIVE NOW* MLB The Show 23: Early Access

*LIVE NOW* MLB The Show 23: Early Access
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Over the last couple of months, The Show has made a series of big announcements relating to its latest edition set to launch in a matter of days – MLB The Show 23.

A lot has been covered over that time, from the release date, to pre-order editions, to the Negro Leagues Storylines mode, to Diamond Dynasty and a whole lot more. Along with these important details, The Show revealed its Early Access period and how fans can participate in it.

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As you can imagine, this is really big news, considering many want to get their hands on the new game in advance to see how it feels and what it’s like right off the bat.

Should you be one of those dedicated fans or maybe even a passionate newcomer looking to try out MLB The Show 23 prior to its release, you’ve come to the right place. Without another moments delay, here’s all you need to know about the Early Access period for MLB The Show 23.

MLB The Show 23 – When Is Early Access

The Early Access period for The Show 23 went live today, March 24th, four days prior to the games’ launch. This will grant fans plenty of time to play the game in advance before its official release, offering more time and leeway to try it out.

For last years’ edition of the game, The Show also had an early access period that, unsurprisingly, also went live four days prior to The Show 22’s launch.

If you’re looking to gain early access for the new game, we detail what you will need to do to achieve just that down below in the next section.

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MLB The Show 23 – How To Get Early Access

The only way to get your hands on The Show 23 during the Early Access period is by pre-ordering one of the two following versions of the game: The Captain Edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition.

All of the MLB The Show 23 editions have been available to pre-order since Monday, February 6th, granting fans ample time to pre order their copy. That said, even with the Early Access period underway, you can still participate in it by grabbing your copy of one of these two Collector’s editions before The Show 23 launches next week.

The only downside of pre-ordering these two versions, is that they come at a hefty price of $99.99 USD / $129.99 CAD each. That said, each edition does come with a bundle of awesome rewards, items, and packs, making either of them well worth the investment.

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