MLB The Show 23: Twitch Drops

MLB The Show 23: Twitch Drops
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MLB The Show 23 is officially launching in less than a week, and the excitement is starting to climax for many as the anticipation continues to build. Though there’s a lot of different aspects of the new game to look forward to, many appreciate and enjoy the free content that they can get from The Show, particularly from their Twitch Drops.

In case you’re unfamiliar with this, Twitch Drops are quite common in the video game community, where gaming developers often give away free Twitch Drops pertaining to their game and or specific topic they are covering in a live stream for fans.

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Whether it’s Madden 23 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, for example, Twitch Drops are quite popular amongst many gaming titles, and MLB The Show 23 has already followed suit with their very own Twitch Drops over a handful of different live streams they’ve hosted for their new game so far.

That said, some of you might be thinking, how can I earn these Twitch Drops for MLB The Show 23? Should that be on your mind, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we go over all the key steps on how you attain these new Twitch Drops for MLB The Show 23.

The Show 23 Twitch Drops – How Do I Earn Them

In order to earn Twitch Drops for MLB The Show 23, you will need to have or make an MLB The Show account, link your gaming platform’s account, and then link your Twitch account. Once all three of those accounts are linked, you can then go to the MLB The Show’s directory on Twitch, look for ‘Drops Enabled’ streams, and then start watching.

Be sure to set your category to MLB The Show 23 and that you have ‘Drops Enabled’ activated in your settings. If you don’t, you will start a stream but won’t be eligible for those Twitch Drops.

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The Show 23 Twitch Drops – How Do I Get Them

Should you be the lucky receiver of a Twitch Drop, it unfortunately won’t just automatically place itself in your copy of MLB The Show 23. In order for the Twitch Drop to be activated in your game, you must complete three key steps:

  1. Claim Twitch Drop from Drops Inventory
  2. Upon claiming pack, reboot MLB The Show 23
  3. Load into MLB The Show 23 to find Twitch Drop

Just because you tune into a stream, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get the pack in your game – so make sure to claim your free rewards from the Twitch Drops Inventory page. Keep in mind that some of these drop enabled streams do have requirements for how long you have to watch in order to earn secure them, something you will want to make note of prior to streaming.

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