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Madden 23: How To Catch

Madden 23
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In this latest issue of helpful tips for Madden 23, we’re going to examine how gamers can maximize their ability to complete catches with their receivers. The beauty of Madden 23 is that upon throwing the ball to your target, users can switch to the receiver who’s aiming to make a play and decide how they should attempt to catch the ball.

This puts a lot of control into the gamers’ hands and makes for an engaging way for fans to take advantage of certain receivers that have the skills to make the catches they need.

To give you an idea, each receiver in Madden 23 has a handful of pertinent traits that will grant them a better chance at making catches. This includes catching, jumping, spectacular catch, catch in traffic, and three different types of route running (short, medium, and deep).

The receivers that have the best ratings for most of these skills, if not all, are the ones you’ll want to use seeing they will give you the best opportunities to secure the catches you need.


With that said, let’s check out the types of catches one can make in Madden 23.

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Types of catches in Madden 23

Before we get into the controls for each console, we’re going to take a look at each of the three types of catches you can complete in Madden 23.

  1. Aggressive Catch: The aggressive catch is exactly what it sounds like. When your receiver is surrounded by traffic and needs to box out and fight for the ball, the aggressive catch enables them to optimize that effort and overpower the defenders around the receiver. This is probably the most useful of the three types of catches, particularly on deep balls.
  1. Run After Catch (RAC): Let’s say you’re aiming to have your receiver gain extra yards on a given play. This is where the RAC receiving option comes in handy. For example, upon setting up a post route for your receiver, you can throw your receiver a deep ball and then switch to him and hit the RAC option which will allow him to turn up field and tack on more yards on the play.
  1. Possession Catch: If you want to make a safe and secure catch with your receiver, this is the option to use. Say you’re looking to squeeze in a throw in a tight window or anticipate your receiver getting hit soon after making a catch, choose the possession catch option with your receiver to ensure he uses two hands and holds on to the ball.

How to catch in Madden 23

-Aggressive Catch: Hold Triangle
-RAC Catch: Hold Square
-Possession Catch: Hold X

-Aggressive Catch: Hold Y
-RAC Catch: Hold X
-Possession Catch: Hold A

-Aggressive Catch: Tap R
-RAC Catch: Tap Q
-Possession Catch: Tap E

Additional Information: Keep in mind that to complete each of these different catches, it’s important to wait for the ball to be in the air and to recognize what catch option is most suitable for each circumstance. If you select the wrong option, you could fail to come up with the catch you need.