Is there Tears of the Kingdom new game plus? Will Master mode come to TOTK?

Is there Tears of the Kingdom new game plus? Will Master mode come to TOTK?
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Tears of the Kingdom new game plus is high on the wishlists of anyone who loves replaying games. Hyrule is a massive world with so many secrets to offer, so The Legend of Zelda: TotK is a perfect contender for Nintendo Switch fans who love a new game plus mode.

If you haven’t had your fill of new Tears of the Kingdom enemies the first time around, we have all the info about whether or not we can expect a new game plus in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom if you plan on exploring the new map all over again. Let’s kick off.

Tears of the Kingdom new game plus: Link paragliding high in the sky over Hyrule.

Will there be a Tears of the Kingdom Master Mode?

Not yet, but probably in the future. It is likely that there will be something similar to a new game plus mode, but not quite the same as traditional new game plus. The previous entry in the franchise, Breath of the Wild, features a mode called Master Mode, which gives gamers an added incentive to go on another adventure.

Master Mode has a few major hallmarks of a new game plus mode, such as more powerful enemies that affected the gameplay. However, it did not require you to beat the main story first, and could be played immediately. As such, it does not let you keep items and abilities from previous playthroughs, and requires you to re-obtain these in your Master Mode save.

In Breath of the Wild, certain monsters would appear in different colours to denote how strong they were, with red monsters having low HP and weak items, and silver and gold enemies having much higher HP, stronger items, but also better item drops. In Master mode, every monster would appear one tier higher than it would normally, making combat more difficult from the start. This places more emphasis on you mastering your weapons and carefully selecting your upgrades.

Tears of the Kingdom new game plus: Link fighting a blue Bokoblin with two more Bokoblins on floating platforms in the background.
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In Master Mode, all enemies also have health regeneration if they avoid taking damage for too long. This can make taking down larger groups of enemies more difficult as you are forced to focus on one or two to prevent regeneration. This also applies to bosses, meaning you have less opportunity to play defensively, in order to prevent them from regaining health.

While it isn’t available from launch, we assume that Master Mode will make a return in TotK, given its popularity in Breath of the Wild. Master Mode was released for BotW as part of its The Master Trials DLC, which came three months after the game’s initial launch, and Nintendo may take a similar approach with Tears of the Kingdom.

That’s everything we know about the Tears of the Kingdom new game plus so far. We hope it’s included on launch, but if not, it’s sure to feature in the Tears of the Kingdom DLC. And if you want to know about the Tears of the Kingdom dungeons, we have you covered.