How to use weapon tuning MW2 – Modern Warfare 2’s weapon tuning explained

How to use weapon tuning MW2 – Modern Warfare 2’s weapon tuning explained
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is here, and with it comes a host of features, old and new, to help maximize your multiplayer experience.

One of these key features is called weapon tuning, which becomes available when you reach the weapon’s maximum level on a progression track. If you’re struggling to do that, make sure to check out our detailed weapons guides right here.

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Although Infinity Ward disabled weapon tuning for a brief time period as it was causing MW2 to crash, it was reactivated once more following the November 4th patch.

Without another moments delay, here’s how you can use weapon tuning in MW2.

How to use weapon tuning in Modern Warfare 2

Firstly, to unlock weapon tuning in Modern Warfare 2 you’ll need to reach your gun’s max level. This can vary depending on what gun you have.

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To check your weapon’s max level, you need to follow the following steps. The M4 for example, our favourite gun in Modern Warfare 2, has a max level of 20.

  1. Head to Multiplayer Loadouts on the Weapons tab 
  2. Select the weapon and press Gunsmith 
  3. Press Menu button on your Xbox / Touchpad on PS or the Weapon Platform option on PC and then ‘See Track’
  4. A progression line will reveal the weapon’s max level, and where you are in relation to it

Once you’ve checked how far you’ve got to go. You’ve then got to race to level up your weapon fast. We have a detailed guide on how to level up fast right in MW2 here, using methods that ‘game’ the systems a bit, to more legitimate methods that improve your skill too.

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Once you have unlocked weapon tuning, a ‘tune’ button will become available. Click that to head to the tuning menu. Once you’re in the tuning menu, you’ll be able to customise, or ‘tune’ certain aspects of your weapon. Follow the below steps:

  1. Return to Multiplayer Loadouts 
  2. Select the weapon and click on the Gunsmith icon. If available, some attachments will say ‘tune’
  3. Adjust the attributes on the graph until they are what you would like

These are the areas you’re able to tune in Modern Warfare 2:

  • Handling – reload speed
  • Range – damage bullets deliver across a certain distance  
  • ADS Speed – speed of which you aim down the sight.  
  • Damage – bullet damage
  • Fire Rate – rate of bullets fired from chamber  
  • Mobility – movement speed with the weapon
  • Aim Walking Speed – walking while aiming speed
  • Aim Idle Stability – stability in stationary position
  • Recoil – ‘kick back’ – affects control when aiming down sights
  • Accuracy – how effectively bullets hit intended target

Remember, going to far in one aspect will likely cause negative effects on others. For example, by increasing damage, you will likely increase recoil and make aiming harder. We have put key areas below to focus on depending on your playstyle:

Rusher: Aggressive, Fast paced: Focus on improving aim down sight speed, aim walking speed and damage.

Camper: Stationary, Sniper: Focus on accuracy, recoil and aim idle stability

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All rounder: Combines both stationary combat with ability to rush in: Focus on damage, ADS, recoil and mobility to create an all round weapon

Play around with the different levels and make sure to test the weapons on the firing range before going into combat. You’ll want to be accuracy about the 70% mark. Learn the recoil patterns and evaluate how the guns perform at different distances. Happy hunting.

How to use weapon tuning MW2 FAQ

How to unlock weapon tuning MW2?

All you need to do to unlock weapon tuning in Modern Warfare 2 is reach the weapon’s maximum level. This will unlock a ‘tune’ button when you’re in Gunsmith.

What weapon features can I tune in MW2?

The weapon features you will be able to tune consist of the following: Handling, Range, ADS Speed, Damage, Fire Rate, Mobility, Aim Walking Speed, Aim Idle Stability, Recoil, and Accuracy.