MW2 Weapon Tuning not showing up (it’s been disabled)

MW2 Weapon Tuning not showing up (it’s been disabled)
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If you are struggling to get the Modern Warfare 2 weapon tuning to work, then you are not alone. Infinity Ward announced via Twitter just 15 hours ago that they were disabling weapon attachment tuning to investigate issues with users’ games crashing when using the weapon tuning system within the game.

Unfortunately, this means that MW2 weapon tuning will not be working for anyone until further notice from Infinity Ward and sadly we do not know how long this will take the team to fix.

This also means that your game might crash if you are trying to load into a game with a custom loadout that includes weapons that have been tuned. To resolve this issue you will need to unequip and then re-equip the loadout.

So far, since the launch of Modern Warfare 2, there have been an endless amount of issues from lag issues, weapon tuning issues, and a significant issue surrounding false banning of users which Infinity Ward is yet to comment on. We do hope they can resolve many of these issues soon, so we can all get back to uninterrupted gaming.