Hood: Outlaws & Legends
by on Dec 2, 2021

Hood: Outlaws & Legends kicks off Season 2: Yule including new Gold Rush mode

Focus Entertainment and Sumo Newcastle have launched the second season of DLC for Hood: Outlaws & Legends entitled Yule.

The headline addition this go around is the new Gold Rush mode. As the name implies, the aim is to nab a certain amount of gold and return it to your spawn point before the other team. However, all that glitters is pretty heavy, it turns out. This means you’ll move slower the more gold you’re carrying. Gold has to be banked on capture points before it’s counted too, so don’t get too complacent.

Naturally, the second season also includes a new Battle Pass with 100 tiers to work through. Doing so can earn you a total of 31 outfits and 51 weapons as well as 21 banners for your hideout. You can check out a trailer for Season Two for yourself down below.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends originally launched back in May. So far the co-op heist-em-up has added a new game mode in State Heist and, back in September, a new character as part of Season One: Samhain.

Season Two: Yule is available now for Hood: Outlaws & Legends. The game’s out on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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Hood: Outlaws & Legends

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Hood: Outlaws & Legends

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