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Hitman Freelancer is set to arrive on January 26

Hitman III: Freelancer
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IO has declared that Hitman Freelancer will launch as a brand new game mode for the Hitman: World of Assassination collection (formerly known as Hitman 3) later this month.

The new mode will bring some rogue-lite elements to the assassination game, allowing players to take on contracts in their own preferred style and building up their own Hitman empire.

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First announced last year, Freelancer will be a singleplayer affair, but promises to give players “more freedom” by giving them the choice of which Syndicates to go up against – and what missions to take on.

Hitman Freelancer release date

As per the announcement, Hitman Freelancer will go live on January 26, 2023.

Players will have to buy and maintain their gear, by taking on missions to earn more money and buy equipment for the next one, rather than the story-based structure of the main game.


However, there’ll also be the possibility of losing weapons and gear – given you’ll have a limited capacity, and this time leaving your stuff in the level means it’s gone for good (or, at least, until you can buy a new one.)

There’ll be randomised elements in these missions, but importantly – while the mode will give players the information they need to succeed – there’s no guarantee that an objective will necessarily be possible.

Rather, it’ll be down to players to ensure they select the right equipment, or choose the right elements, to ensure they meet the criteria to get paid. In other words: planning will be key.

Hitman Freelancer will be available to all Hitman World of Assassination owners from January 26. You can check out a trailer below.

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