How Much Will Hitman Freelancer Cost? 

How Much Will Hitman Freelancer Cost? 
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Over recent years the Hitman games have only gone from strength to strength with the most recent Hitman reaching new highs both critically and with fans.

Hitman has been around now, in various forms, since 2000. In 2016 it experienced a soft reboot which led to a trilogy and this reboot breathed new life into the famous franchise.

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The most recent Hitman game, Hitman III, released two years ago but the next major update is set to arrive soon.

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With this update on the horizon it is time to look into how much this update will set you back, here is the answer: 

Is Hitman Freelancer Free? 

According to the trailer, the Hitman Freelancer update will be available for free to anyone who owns Hitman III. We are incredibly excited to see what the new update for Hitman Freelancer brings, especially if it continues to challenge us with new ways to take out targets. Here is the trailer: