Helldivers 2 PSA: Stop throwing Orbitals at the Pelican during extraction

Helldivers 2 PSA: Stop throwing Orbitals at the Pelican during extraction
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Love it or hate it, Helldivers 2 does have a community partly built on trolling. By design, Arrowhead Game Studios has made it so players can kill each other, whether intentionally or unintentionally. This can add a new layer of difficulty to the game so you have to be more aware of your surroundings, just like real war. If you walk into the blast radius of a Grenade then you are being blown up too.

Whether Arrowhead Game Studios predicted it or not, this led to a portion of the community utilizing this to troll other players or even completely ruin missions. In more recent times this has become common by one player using Stratagems to kill the players sitting in the Pelican extraction ship while waiting to complete the mission. Once you enter the ship you can’t leave it as the objective is for all players to enter before it takes off.

Instead, some players are waiting until their squad is trapped inside before killing them. While this can be funny in certain circumstances, it can be frustrating after you’ve spent 40 minutes completing a mission and collected many Samples, only for that progress to be wasted at the last second through no fault of your own.

First-person view of a Helldivers 2 soldier aiming a gun at enemies in armored suits near a crashed aircraft at night.
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It seems that some players have had enough and are urging others to not ruin the gaming experience. U/Darkmaninside has taken to Reddit to, not so politely, ask players to stop eliminating their team at the end of the mission saying,

“WHY do people have to throw their lethal orbitals ON THE PELICAN BEFORE EVERYONE IS SAFE ON BOARD?

Just did a 30-minute mission, with probably over 30 samples including super-rare. And as we were boarding this dipshit of a player throws his orbital rail cannon strike ON THE RAMP and boards with 3 people following. Sure enough, the rail cannon hits the ramp with 3 divers on their way to board and wipes the team, the pelican starts evac since the ONE GUY WHO CAN CALL US IN IS INSIDE.

Just stop, it’s not cool.

Thank you for coming to my Hell-talk, happy diving!”

I will say I am one of the lucky players that has yet to have this happen to me, although I do suspect I may have just jinxed myself so that’s going to be fun the next time I log into Helldivers 2. But thankfully, I have had some really good teammates in my time as a Helldiver. If you haven’t though, then this sadly will be something you will likely have to continuously deal with, as Arrowhead Game Studios doesn’t seem to have any intention of changing this mechanic, although it would be good if there was an option to turn friendly fire off.

For those who like to troll other players, be better, or just troll people who don’t mind.

Although you need to always have one eye on your squad, you also need to make sure that you don’t take your eyes off the objective too. The Automatons have returned to the galaxy after being briefly eradicated, only this time they have brought reinforcements with one of these being the returning Factory Strider. To combat these, we highly recommend that you check out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can ensure you and your squad have the best arsenal at your disposal to deal with the robot army…only to have your progress ruined at the end anyway. And if you want to find out what could be coming to the game in the future, check out our Helldivers 2 leaks and rumors hub.