Helldivers 2 players say this is perfect difficulty to play on

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Helldivers 2 has 9 different difficulty options, giving players a large range of choices to find what is comfortable for them, as well as giving a lot of room for improvement. As time has gone on there have been numerous changes made to the difficulties, from changing patrol spawn rates and more recently allowing lower-difficulty players to secure the higher-level rewards. But, which difficulty level should you play at?

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U/splatbob1 took to Reddit to share their thoughts on the perfect difficulty to play on for a variety of reasons saying “Best difficulty where most loadout are gonna be viable, you still get to fight those big enemies and now can get Ultra Rare Samples! You’re getting 100% credit for a good reason.”

Many other players agreed, with u/Fun_Elk_4949 saying “Level six is where I have the most fun bots or bugs. It’s also the best place to test out a new load-out idea.”

U/PrairiePilot also likes to stick at level 6 due to the consistency saying “This is pretty much where I stick. 7+ is too dependent on the team and I only play PUGs so I’m down here at 6 earning an honest living.” and u/madman875775 wrapped things up by giving some advice to players wanting to try level 6 saying “I think 6 is easy if you take meta load-outs but if you don’t then it can still be kinda difficult but not impossible. If I want a challenge I’ll go up to 7, but if I just wanna chill and mess around 6 is all I play nothing less anymore.”

The recently released 01.000.400 update lowered the difficulty of getting the Super Samples from difficulty 7 to 6. This will make it slightly easier to earn the Samples needed to unlock the later stages of the Ship Modules. Difficulty 6 is also a great level that is challenging, requiring you to sweat a little bit and put effort and thought into your strategies, but it isn’t as overwhelming as the higher difficulties.

If you are still struggling to manage level 6 or above with your current loadout, optimizing it could be the difference-maker, so to give you the best chance at victory, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can bring democracy to both the Automatons and Terminids and earn the much-needed Super Samples.

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