Helldivers 2 player shares time management tip with new players

Helldivers 2 player shares time management tip with new players
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Helldivers 2 focuses on two things, completing objectives on the map you’re on, and eradicating every living thing you encounter. But, you are also on a timer and sometimes you need to pick your battles in order to succeed. Especially early on, it is tempting to fight every enemy you see because it is incredibly fun to do so, even if it is not the right move to make.

U/NosyCrayfish took to Reddit to give newer Helldivers 2 players some advice when it comes to time management in missions. Most missions last for 40 minutes but there are shorter ones, such as Blitz missions that last for just 12 minutes. Time management is crucial, especially if you want to collect as many Samples as possible, so it is important to not get caught up fighting unnecessary enemies. The Reddit user shared their advice saying,

“You need to RUN. Move ya legs! When you complete an objective, immediately start running, open your map, and check where to go next. I had several matches yesterday where these guys would just stand around shooting at patrols for 10 whole minutes at a site that we already completed.

Feel free to stand around fighting, burning the timer, while I run around collecting all the samples you dropped after wasting 5+ reinforcements. I ran across the map and back, completing several objectives and these guys were STILL standing at the same completed objective defending absolutely nothing.

Please, fellow divers, RUN. Move your silly little legs to the next objective or you will continue to fail missions. If you don’t know where to go, follow the host!”

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It is easy to get distracted and too focused on fighting enemy hordes. There have been plenty of times when a quick fight turns into a long and drawn-out battle as more enemies spawn or the patrols happen to come across the battle and join in. But, when you’re having fun it is easy to forget you have a timer and that you still have objectives and an extraction to complete in that time.

Other Reddit users took to the comments to share their experiences in Helldivers 2, with u/BinkyDragonlord saying “I hate doing a quickplay and discovering I’m the highest level by like 20-something. I’m like “they’re gonna think I know what I’m doing by now. Those poor misguided fools.” And then I’ll accidentally kill myself with an Eagle.” U/PK_Thundah gave some helpful advice to u/BlinkyDragonlord saying “Eagle yourself right off the bat to establish non-dominance.”

Finally, U/BadgerDen76 praised the advice saying “Great advice. I don’t think a lot of players realize that you just need to push through the chaos.”

Although the purpose of the mission is to complete objectives, there is still a lot of fighting involved and it is an essential, and fun, part of every mission. So, to be as effective as possible so you can take down the Automatons and Terminids and get back to completing objectives, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can be equipped to take on every enemy that stands between you and freedom.