Helldivers 2 player shares Anti-Materiel Rifle tips to defeat the Automatons

Helldivers 2 player shares Anti-Materiel Rifle tips to defeat the Automatons
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The Automatons recently returned to Helldivers 2 after being eradicated for just one day, giving players false hope that the threat was now taken care of. Instead, the robots came back with a vengeance, and since then the war has kicked into a new gear and the fight is more difficult than ever. But, having the right equipment can make your job easier and give you a greater chance of success, and one way to do that is by choosing the ideal Stratagems.

U/Reven501 has talen to Reddit to share their tips for using the Anti-Materiel Rifle to take down the Automatons, with the Stratagem being incredibly versatile and capable of taking down most enemies, including Hulks, and Tanks.

“It solves almost everything the bots can throw at you. Strider problem? 2 taps in the face. Devastator problem? One-shot headshot. If you have bad aim, 2 to 3 body shots.Tank or gun turret problem? 3 shots into the vent and your problem goes away! Gunships? 4 shots to an engine sends them crashing to the ground. Hulks? 2 shot to the big red eye kills em. Or, if you suck at aiming, spam shots into their arms to disable a weapon. The only thing it can’t do is take out bot drop ships or factories, but that’s why you bring eagles! Seriously, next time you face the Automaton menace, do yourself a favor and bring the AM rifle, it does wonders.”

Helldivers 2 best weapon tier list: The Anti-Material Rifle in the game's ship management menu. Image captured by VideoGamer.
The Anti-Material Rifle is a great sniper pick. Image captured by VideoGamer.

U/CopperRipper also responded with praise for the Anti-Materiel Rifle saying, “I love the anti-material rifle. That or the laser cannon is what I take every time now. The only thing is with the AMR I struggle with a swarm of the gunships but your post has convinced me I just need to practice.”

U/Battle_Fish also noted its effectiveness against the Terminids, which makes it a very versatile weapon saying, “aIt’s one of the top-tier weapons for bugs and bots. It’s that or the Quasar Cannon for bots and bugs. Although I have to admit it’s not very popular because it requires aim. Aim with an off-centered sight. On the bug front it one taps everything smaller than a charger which is actually very valuable. Especially against Bile Spewers. One of the few guns that take care of them.”

U/Reasonable_Back_5231 gave an excellent tip to bring the Ammo Back Pack too, which will give you a lot more ammo, making it nearly “Infinite” with how much it can be used.

“If you are liking the AMR, try bringing the ammo backpack stratagem with you, the only thing holding you back at that point is the reload of the AMR, your ammo is near infinite, and if you aren’t one-shot by something, you have a tone of extra stims.”

With so many Stratagems, each with its own uses, it can be difficult to figure out what is right for you, as well as which will benefit the particular mission you’re playing. To help with this, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can create the perfect loadout for your play style.